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    Whoopi Goldberg Makes Disturbing Personal Confession on Live TV That No One Needed to Know

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    On Wednesday’s episode of “The View” on ABC, when the topic of undergarments arose, information that no one was seeking was provided.

    Tuesday’s travel column in The Washington Post focused on the topic, noting that a social media frenzy was sparked by a woman who asked online how much underwear to prepare for a 14-day trip.

    That made it an ideal topic for “The View” to discuss.

    “You know, we talk about really deep things here. And this is one of them, it’s so, just, it’s so hard to discuss, but I’m going to bring it up,” Whoopi Goldberg said.

    “It’s the great underwear debate,” she said, referring to the Post article and noting there were strong opinions on the subject.

    “I don’t wear underwear, so it’s not a question I have to think about,” Goldberg said.

    Co-host Sunny Hostin then noted the discussion focused on a 14-day trip.

    “I still don’t bring underwear!” Goldberg said.

    Joy Behar affirmed this vital fact: “She doesn’t wear underwear.”

    The other co-hosts also disclosed their individual routines.

    “I’m not kidding, I pack like I might pee my pants twice a day on a trip,” Alyssa Farah Griffin said.

    “Yeah, you might pee your pants twice a day,” Sara Haines said.

    Hostin chimed in to say she would bring 16 pairs on a 14-day trip.

    Behar said she took a different approach to underwear while traveling: “I throw them away as I go along. I bring old underwear, and after I wear it, I throw it out.”

    “Are they pretty underwear?” Hostin asked.

    “No, they’re just, you know, high-waisted bloomers, OK?” Behar said.

    Twitter made it obvious that all of this information was excessive.

    According to Seth Miller, editor of the airline industry news website, the topic is profoundly personal.

    More on this story via The Western Journal:

    “The style, the color, the material, all those things people feel pretty strongly about for comfort,” Miller said, noting that buying replacement underwear on a trip is disorienting for some people. CONTINUE READING…

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