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    Whoopi Gets Angry At Producer During Bizarre Segment on ‘The View’

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    Another day, another round of drama on the ABC talk show “The View.”

    Whoopi Goldberg made headlines when she stated that “American Idol” contributed to the “beginning of the downfall of society,” which resulted in a dispute with executive producer Brian Teta and criticism from her own colleagues.

    The discussion began when Goldberg introduced a segment about Iam Tongi, an 18-year-old singer from Hawaii who won Season 21 of the program.

    “We, as a society, love to watch stuff to judge folks,” Goldberg said. “You know, I’ve always thought that the beginning of the downfall of society was with ― what’s the name of that show? I always tell you that,” she continued, looking over to Teta.

    “ABC’s ‘American Idol,’” replied Teta before the audience let out a laugh. ABC notably is also the network that airs “The View.”

    “Because once we gave people the ability to judge other people, I think we ran amuck with it and it’s gone out of control,” said Goldberg.

    “Remember ‘The Gong Show’?” asked co-host Joy Behar, alluding to the 1970s show in which judges could strike a gong to indicate their disapproval of a performance.

    Goldberg stated that she cannot recall a time when “so many people” evaluated an individual’s talent. Teta and co-host Sunny Hostin concurred that Goldberg enjoys the program on ABC.

    Goldberg stated that it was “a very different show” now compared to when it first debuted.

    “ABC knows that I feel like this. I’ve told them,” Goldberg said. “It had nothing to do with them, it had to do with the show. See, you starting stuff, man.”

    Friday’s episode of “The View” made headlines after co-host Sara Haines reportedly made an inappropriate remark for which her audio was edited.

    The segment began with the women at the table discussing ABC’s recent announcement that the Bachelor universe will be expanded to include “golden years.” In The Golden Bachelor, a senior citizen will date women with “lifetimes of experience,” according to the description of the program.

    Whoopi Goldberg kicked things off by saying, “I’m calling it the ‘Old People’s Bachelor,’” which triggered many of the hosts to also make a slew of inappropriate comments about a senior citizen having the opportunity to date women with “experience.”

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin shared that she thought this was “a good idea,” adding, “A lot of couples on The Bachelor don’t stay together, it’s people in their young 20s, a lot of 23-year-old girls… I think having a 60+ bachelor and bachelorettes will actually be more likely to last in a relationship because you know who you are and what you want.” CONTINUE READING…

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