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    Whoopi Forced to Read Legal Note on Trump Arrest

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    As the hosts of “The View” transitioned from applauding the indictment of former President Donald Trump to confronting reality, they were visibly disturbed and shocked by what they were compelled to read aloud.

    There are significant doubts regarding the statute of limitations in this case, as well as the veracity of the allegations and whether Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg had the authority to initiate this case in the first place.

    This is why on Wednesday, the day after the indictment, the hosts did not celebrate as much as they did the day before.

    Whoopi Goldberg began the show by stating, “Yesterday, you know who traveled to a courthouse in downtown Manhattan to face justice.” However, she became visibly upset when co-host Sunny Hostin was forced to publicly read a legal missive from Donald Trump’s legal team.

    “I have a legal note: Trump has pleaded not guilty and denied any criminal wrongdoing and said he never had an affair with Stormy Daniels or Karen McDougal,” she said.

    “I’m not saying a thing,” an annoyed Goldberg said.

    Things are not looking good for the District Attorney who brought the case against Trump avidly to obtain notoriety and fulfill a divisive campaign promise that propelled him to the top prosecutorial position just months ago.

    Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and two prosecutors who resigned from his team after former President Donald Trump was indicted and arraigned may soon find themselves on the receiving end of subpoenas from the Republican-led House Judiciary Committee.

    Two prosecutors on the Bragg squad resigned last year when it became apparent that the former president would not be indicted by Bragg.

    Some believe that the resignations occurred during a month-long moratorium on the presentation of evidence to a grand jury, indicating that the district attorney lacked full confidence in the case.

    According to The New York Times: “The unexpected development came not long after the high-stakes inquiry appeared to be gaining momentum and now throws its future into serious doubt. The prosecutors, Carey R. Dunne and Mark F. Pomerantz, submitted their resignations because the new Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg, indicated to them that he had doubts about moving forward with a case against Mr. Trump, the people said. Mr. Pomerantz confirmed in a brief interview that he had resigned but declined to elaborate. Mr. Dunne declined to comment.”

    “Without Mr. Bragg’s commitment to move forward, the prosecutors late last month postponed a plan to question at least one witness before the grand jury, one of the people said. They have not questioned any witnesses in front of the grand jury for more than a month, essentially pausing their investigation into whether Mr. Trump inflated the value of his assets to obtain favorable loan terms from banks,” the NYT report added.

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    Bragg has faced many roadblocks in presenting his case, including obtaining testimony from the Trump organization’s executives, the Times noted. CONTINUE READING…

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