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    Whistleblower’s Lawyers Meet With Congressional Investigators On Hunter Probe

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    Investigations into Hunter Biden’s international business transactions, which allegedly involve his father, President Joe Biden, have been sluggish and fraught with roadblocks since the discovery of his laptop.

    When Elon Musk posted information about the laptop on Twitter, many anticipated a flood of information and responses. However, delays and impediments appear to impede the investigation of the transactions and alleged illegal activity.

    Now it appears that there is insight into the role the Internal Revenue Service played in determining the origin of Biden’s actions. A whistleblower from the IRS revealed that the agency had interfered with the investigation into Hunter Biden’s activities.

    Breitbart reported:

    Shortly after the IRS whistleblower came forward, the Ways and Means Committee authorized two attorneys for the IRS whistleblower to collect information regarding what their client observed at the IRS in relation to the Hunter Biden tax investigation.

    The IRS whistleblower alleged political interference at the Justice Department in its investigation of Hunter Biden, who is being investigated by the DOJ for tax fraud, money laundering, and lobbying law violations. For months, prosecutor David Weiss has weighed whether there is sufficient evidence for the grand jury to indict him on four alleged charges.

    Until an IRS whistleblower alleged the improper politicization of a tax investigation into the president’s son, the case appeared to be discreetly stalled. Attorney General Merrick Garland, who appointed Weiss, refuted these allegations last week, while refusing to designate a special counsel to create some distance between the investigation and President Joe Biden.

    Breitbart observes that the new meeting appears to be moving the process forward.

    CNN reported that the attorneys for the whistleblower met with the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee on Friday in order to disclose information the IRS agent could provide to congressional investigators. According to reports, this phase of the process is typical in situations involving sensitive tax information.

    “The process is proceeding on a bipartisan basis with ranking member [Mike] Crapo’s staff,” Senate Finance Chair Ron Wyden’s (D-OR) spokesperson, Ryan Carey, told CNN.

    People familiar with the matter told the Washington Post on Wednesday that the congressional investigation of the whistleblower’s claims coincides with Weiss’s investigation drawing to a close without a decision timeline. If Weiss recommends charges against Hunter Biden, they must be authorized by Garland. Garland has sworn that Weiss has the authority to recommend changes, despite IRS agent claims that Garland misled Congress about the investigation’s independence.

    The investigation into Hunter may also implicate Joe Biden. The grand jury reportedly asked a witness to identify the “big guy.”

    CBS announced:

    “In a letter to Congress last month, the attorney, Mark Lytle, said his client, an unnamed IRS criminal supervisory special agent, could shed light on how the years-long, high-profile investigation had been hindered by “preferential treatment and politics.” However, Lytle said his client could not share “certain information” because of taxpayer privacy laws.

    CBS also noted that “When President Joe Biden took office, dozens of U.S. attorneys appointed by Trump were asked to resign, as is customary in a new administration, but Weiss, who was leading the probe into Hunter Biden, was asked to stay.”

    Joe Biden is sliding down a slippery slope as the investigation progresses at a snail’s pace. Just two weeks after announcing his reelection campaign, Biden’s approval ratings “sink to a new low,” according to The Washington Post.

    A Post-ABC poll reveals that 58% of Democrat-leaning voters want someone other than Biden to compete for president in 2024, Democrats are split on the issue, and 77% of Independents want someone else to run.

    The same survey revealed that Biden’s approval rating among those under 30 is only 26%. 54% of adults said former President Donald Trump handled the economy better than former Vice President Joe Biden, and 44% said they would “definitely” or “probably” vote for Trump over Biden in a campaign.

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    A majority of adults said Trump is mentally sharp and physically healthy enough to serve as president while just a third of adults said the same of Biden. CONTINUE READING…

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