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    Whistleblower Ends Weaponization Hearing With Chilling Statement

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    Thursday was the concluding day of the Weaponization subcommittee’s hearing, during which whistleblower Garret O’Boyle delivered an impassioned speech. His speech was the terrifying climax of the hearing, and it left the audience in astonishment.

    O’Boyle’s statements shed light on the magnitude of the ongoing issue of government corruption, weaponization, and wrongdoing in the United States. When he stated that the FBI and the government would do anything to silence truth-tellers, he sent shockwaves through the room.

    O’Boyle presented damning evidence of malfeasance within the system during the hearing, shedding light on the shadowy aspects of power. He courageously denounced the widespread unethical behavior in our culture and warned others of the severe consequences they may face if they disclose the truth.

    “Corruption, weaponization, any kind of misconduct that exists with the American people. It doesn’t solve it. But the FBI will crush you.” The terrifying remark acted as a warning to people who think they can question the current quo without suffering repercussions. O’Boyle’s own experience demonstrates the risks that challengers of authority endure.

    He continued, “This government will crush you and your family if you try to expose the truth about things that they are doing that are wrong. We are all examples of that.” These somber comments demonstrate the lengths to which the administration will go in order to quell dissent and hide its wrongdoings.

    Committee member Kelly Armstrong (R-North Dakota) stated, “I can’t think of a more sobering way to end a hearing.”

    O’Boyle devoted the entirety of the hearing to explaining the extraordinary measures he took to protect his livelihood after being relieved of his duties just one day after relocating his family across the country at the agency’s request, leaving them destitute and forced to “beg.”

    “I am sad, I am disappointed, and I am angry” about the “weaponization” of the Bureau and Department of Justice against President Joe Biden’s political adversaries, Special Agent Garret O’Boyle told Congress. O’Boyle tragically detailed his family’s hardship throughout his unpaid suspension:

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    “My oath did not require me sacrificing the hopes, dreams, and livelihoods of my family. My strong, beautiful, and courageous wife and our four sweet and beautiful daughters have endured this process along with me. In weaponized orders, the FBI allowed me to accept a new position halfway across the country. They allowed us to sell my family’s home. They ordered me to report to the new unit when our youngest daughter was two weeks old. Then, on my first day on the new assignment, they suspended me, rendering my family homeless. They refused to release our goods, including our clothes, for weeks,” O’Boyle testified. CONTINUE READING…

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