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    Watch: Did ‘Sound of Freedom’s’ Jim Caviezel Just Say the CIA Tried to Kill Him and Will Try Again? – ‘I Do Not Fear You’

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    Actor Jim Caviezel, who stars in a film that is presently a box office smash in theaters across the United States, made explosive allegations that the CIA attempted to kill him.

    Caviezel and retired Gen. Michael Flynn discussed a wide variety of topics on the Speropictures Podcast, including the runaway success of “Sound of Freedom,” a fictionalized biopic of the real-life American hero Tim Ballard.

    The movie, which beat “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” head-to-head on July 4, focuses on Ballard’s exploits in rescuing victims of child sex trafficking.

    It’s simple to see why “Sound of Freedom” has garnered so much attention, given that the film has already grossed over $53 million on a budget of just $14.5 million. “Sound of Freedom” has already grossed over $53 million.

    In a world where every film appears to have a budget at least 10 times that of “Sound of Freedom,” it’s simple to see how an underdog story (the success of “Sound of Freedom”) about an underdog story (Ballard’s successes) has captured the hearts, minds, and wallets of Americans.

    And yet, according to Caviezel, he almost never made it to “Sound of Freedom” because of clandestine Central Intelligence Agency operations.

    Yes, Caviezel almost directly accused the CIA of attempting to murder him during the Speropictures Podcast, and you can view his comments below.

    The relevant bit begins when Caviezel reads a tweet about how the actor’s “days are numbered.”

    “His days are numbered,” conservative Twitter personality Wall Street Silver said. “They will make it look like an accident.”

    Attached to the tweet was a screenshot of Caviezel explicitly accusing the CIA of operating the “largest pedophile ring in the world.”

    “He is likely correct, the CIA does this and it is used for blackmailing their assets in high places to keep them in line,” the tweet added.

    How did Caviezel respond to this tweet?

    “Well, let me explain something to all of you in the world that think that I’m a little girl and I’m afraid of you [the CIA],” Caviezel said. “I’m not scared in the least bit. … God brought me into Hollywood to become an actor. He asked me to do that. He was my intel officer. … The only God.

    “And He loved me enough to give me a purpose in my life because I was at the lowest of the low at that time. And I would gladly trade my life to save these little ones because the screaming that I heard was so horrific, I can’t sleep at night. At 3 in the morning, for whatever reason, I can hear it.

    “So like David, I love my God. I love Him so much that I will give my life for Him. Do you understand that?

    “My life is okay, especially if it saves these little ones. So I want you to understand, when you tried to do what you did to me on ‘The Passion of the Christ,’ change the world narrative, you never scared me.

    “You don’t scare me now.”

    More on this story via The Western Journal:

    Caviezel’s conviction was evident in that bit, but it was a few moments later when that conviction turned into righteous inspiration as he challenged Christians across the world. CONTINUE READING…

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