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    Was The Tucker “Take Down” A Deep-State Hit?

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    One author discusses the events surrounding Tucker Carlson’s removal from the Fox News lineup, which have garnered intense public interest due to their highly confusing unfolding, citing numerous sources to support his claim that Tucker Carlson may be the victim of a system designed to silence truthful media and elevate “deep state” propaganda.

    Mike Whitney, a journalist, wrote for the UNZ review about his intriguing perspective on why Tucker Carlson was removed from the Fox News lineup in late April, following the program’s record-breaking ratings:

    “Carlson was fired because he revealed the truth about big pharma’s toxic injections, Fauci’s deranged lockdowns, Brandon’s police-state surveillance, the expansive deep-state censorship program, CRT, BLM, ESG, George Floyd, drag-queen children’s hour, the oddball cult of trangenderism, Ukraine’s crummy dictator-president Zelensky and all the other pernicious inanities that are being used like a wrecking-ball on the nation’s moral and historical foundation. Tucker exposed them all,” Whitney reported adding:

    “This was a carefully-calculated, narrowly-supported targeted assassination of the man—who more than any other—had become a problem for the reprobate Mafia that runs the country and who is determined to silence or annihilate anyone who speaks out against them.”

    Whitney reminded readers of the Tucker Carlson segment on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and then linked to an article by Lew Rockwell on the subject.

    “In a remarkable television broadcast on December 15, 2022, Tucker Carlson made an explosive charge. He pointed out that, contrary to law, the White House was refusing to release thousands of pages of documents about the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Carlson said that these documents proved CIA involvement in the assassination and that someone within the government who had looked at these documents made a direct statement to this effect,” Rockwell reported.

    Tucker was removed from the air for speaking so candidly about what the CIA did to John F. Kennedy, according to Whitney, who added his thoughts on the “lesson of Julian Assange, which is: Do not reveal the crimes of elites, and if you do, you will be crushed.” Assange has violated this rule and will now spend the rest of his life in solitary confinement.”

    Whitney then cited Red State, which stated:

    John Rossamondo of 19FortyFive claims that Tucker Carlson texted them, “I’m still employed by Fox,” indicating that he had not been dismissed. We do not observe anyone else reporting on this, so we associate this report with that condition.

    If all of this is true, Carlson should be released from his contract immediately so that he can focus on his employment. However, it is concerning if it prevents him from pursuing other opportunities and effectively silences him.”

    And there may be some truth to this, as Carlson has not uploaded another video to his Twitter account since last week’s two-minute viral sensation, which garnered over 70 million views.

    Whitney continues by stating that Rupert Murdoch was “directly involved in Carlson’s dismissal.” However, I find that highly unlikely. Murdoch was likely aware that Carlson’s dismissal would have detrimental effects on both ratings and the Fox brand. Therefore, he (likely) delayed the decision as long as feasible. Imagine, however, the immense pressure he must have felt from his fellow oligarchs and the numerous deep-state agencies that have coalesced into what Matt Taibbi calls the “Censorship-Industrial Complex.”

    His argument is supported by Nasdaq data, which he cites.

    Fintel reports that BlackRock has disclosed ownership of 45.74 million Class A shares of Fox Corporation (FOXA) on SEC Form 13G/A. This constitutes 15.1% of the business.

    In a prior filing dated January 27, 2022, they reported 39.87MM shares and 12.40% of the company, representing a 14.75 % increase in shares and a 2.70 % increase in total ownership (calculated as current – previous percent ownership). BlackRock Increases Fox Corporation Nasdaq Position.

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    He then cited Tom Luongo who reported more details: CONTINUE READING…

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