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    US National Debt Hits All-Time High Of $32 Trillion

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    The daily update from the Treasury indicates that as of June 16, the total national debt reached a record high of $32.04 trillion.

    This amounts to approximately $7 trillion in government debt across all branches and departments and approximately $25 trillion in debt held by American citizens.

    It has been less than two weeks since President Joe Biden signed the Fiscal Responsibility Act into law. A provision in the legislation passed on 3 June suspends the debt ceiling for 19 months, enabling the government to borrow funds until the end of 2024.

    The debt threshold was previously increased to $31.4 trillion in December 2021.

    The total national debt stood at $31.47 trillion on June 3, but federal borrowing increased by nearly $400 billion the business day following Biden’s signature.

    The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the federal deficit for fiscal year 2023 will be $1.4 trillion.

    According to the administration’s budget proposal for 2024, the gross national debt is expected to surpass $50 trillion by 2033, despite the fact that the law Biden signed also includes approximately $1.5 trillion in expenditure cuts over the next decade.

    Over the next decade, this will equate to more than $17 trillion, which is greater than the national debt held by the general population as of COVID-19.

    On October 2, 2022, or roughly eight months ago, the federal government surpassed $31 trillion.

    Due to trillions of dollars in COVID-19-related expenditures authorized by Congress, the $32 trillion mark was reached nine years earlier than expected prior to the outbreak.

    The president of The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, Maya MacGuineas, remarked in a statement: “We can’t even get through a single fiscal year anymore without adding a trillion dollars in debt, and $33 trillion is likely just around the corner.”

    “Our debt addiction saddles the next generation with a debt burden that only grows larger so long as we insist on ducking the hard choices of governing.

    “We need a return to responsible fiscal policy if we’re ever going to get ourselves out of this mess. The formula to get there should be simple: no new borrowing—meaning fully offset all new spending or tax cuts—and better yet, hold off on them until our debt is under control; address the drivers of our runaway debt; and reform our broken budget process. It’s not rocket science—it’s pretty darn straightforward, and it’s time for our politicians to get to work before it’s too late.”

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