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    Undercover Clip Shows Fetterman Staffer Admitting Senator Wants To Constitutional Right

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    James O’Keefe, a conservative covert journalist, has once again accomplished his mission. This time, he was able to persuade a member of Senator John Fetterman’s (D-PA) staff that their boss is in favor of repealing one of the most important Constitutional rights in the United States.

    Senator’s “special assistant” Luke Borwegan boasted of his ability to manipulate “puppet” journalists in a video posted early Wednesday morning. He stated that these journalists will “paint the narrative that we want” and that the senator is “fine with the 2nd Amendment being overturned.”


    Later in the video, Borwegan alludes to the senator’s press staff as a “work of art,” stating that “we can go tell reporters to f*** themselves, and they can’t do anything, because they need us more than we need them, because everyone wants a story about John Fetterman.”

    The staff member described how his office granted an exclusive interview to a single correspondent with Senator Fetterman shortly before the senator sought treatment for depression.

    Borwegan was questioned about the senator’s position on firearms regulation by an undercover reporter working for O’Keefe’s new company, O’Keefe Media Group. “He’s 100 percent for gun control. Borwegan was reportedly quoted as saying, “Red flags, banning automatic rifles, and all that s***.” The aide added, “He [Fetterman] would likely be fine with the repeal of the Second Amendment. I believe he would prefer that nobody has any firearms whatsoever.”

    Senator Fetterman defeated Republican candidate Mehmet Oz after a contentious campaign in which gun-rights groups targeted the Democrat for his positions on assault weapons bans, universal background checks, and other anti-gun positions that have been longtime Democratic priorities. This victory occurred after Senator Fetterman prevailed in a contentious campaign against Republican candidate Mehmet Oz. On the trail, Fetterman described an incident in which he pointed his shotgun at an assailant until the police arrived and admitted, “I may have broken a few laws in the process.” He meant that he did this until the police arrived.

    Fetterman campaigned for gun control while running against Mehemet Oz for Pennsylvania senator, penning the following for Medium on the subject.

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    “Before you start thinking I’m just another Democrat who hates guns, you might be surprised to learn that for ten years, I have owned a Smith & Wesson Model 500. In fact, I’ve been around guns for most of my life.” CONTINUE READING…

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