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    Trump Writes Bombshell Article In Newsweek – Democrats Are Freaking Out

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    Former President Donald Trump, who is currently in Washington, D.C. to be arraigned on politically fabricated charges related to his alleged involvement in the violence at the Capitol on January 6th, lashed out at America’s enemies, who are attempting to prevent him from returning to his former position as leader of the nation.

    This morning, on Truth Social, Trump posted:

    “Look, it’s not my fault that my political opponent in the Democrat Party, Crooked Joe Biden, has told his Attorney General to charge the leading (by far!) Republican Nominee & former President of the United States, me, with as many crimes as can be concocted so that he is forced to spend large amounts of time & money to defend himself. The Dems don’t want to run against me or they would not be doing this unprecedented weaponization of “Justice.” BUT SOON, IN 2024, IT WILL BE OUR TURN. MAGA!”

    Trump has also penned an explosive article for NewsWeek, in which he lambastes his Democratic political opponents and describes the deep state’s war against him and all freedom-loving Americans.

    This follows news that former President Obama visited Vice President Biden at the White House to warn him that Trump is more formidable than anyone realizes. Democrats are undoubtedly panicking about the situation.

    Trump writes in Newsweek that he is not the victim of the “Russiagate hoax,” but rather the American people.

    “The report by Special Counsel John Durham makes clear beyond a shred of doubt that the Russia Hoax was the most atrocious weaponization of our government in American history. It was a crime like no other,” Trump begins.

    I ran for office seven years ago, challenging the most corrupt elements and entrenched interests in the nation’s capital. My goals posed an existential threat to a Washington establishment that amassed wealth and power by draining the country empty.

    I vowed to halt mass illegal immigration, terminate globalist trade deals, end the sellout of our country to Communist China, confront the permanent bureaucracy and the corporate media, and end the neocon addiction to endless foreign wars.

    In response, an unelected cabal in the highest levels of our government, in concert with their preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton, and their media allies, initiated the Russia Hoax coup attempt.

    Their objective was to prevent my election and, if that failed, to remove me from office or sabotage my presidency by undermining my agenda in Congress, obstructing my domestic reforms, and interfering with my foreign policy.

    They conducted a massive disinformation campaign and lawless persecution against me for nearly three years based on the monstrous falsehood that I was a traitor to my country.

    These agents of the Deep State spies on my campaign. They fabricated false evidence to obtain illegal surveillance warrants and slandered innocent individuals through media disclosures. To frame me for treason, they offered $1 million for a fictitious dossier written by a foreign agent. They destroyed numerous lives.

    The Durham Report proves that the main figures involved in the Russia Collusion conspiracy theory knew from the beginning that it was a lie. The FBI initiated their witch hunt without a shred of legitimate evidence, and when they repeatedly uncovered exonerating information, they concealed it and kept the hoax continuing.

    The disease originated at the very top. FBI Director James Comey exerted constant pressure on agents to conduct more surveillance and obtain warrants, repeatedly asking, “Where is the FISA, where is the FISA?”

    Barack Obama and Joe Biden were in on it, too. They were briefed in August 2016 on reports that Clinton planned to “vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian Security Services.”

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    They knew the truth, yet they put our country through hell. CONTINUE READING…

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