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    Trump Shares His Solution for Ending School Shootings – And He Says It Would Only Take 5% of Teachers

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    Observe how rapidly, in the aftermath of virtually any school shooting, the woke faction begins discussing the need to trample the Second Amendment.

    In all candor, sometimes it takes a bit longer, especially if there is any kind of bigotry-related angle that can be pushed first. However, if this is not the case — especially if it does not work in the leftists’ favor, such as when the suspected school shooter was a woman who identified as a man and the target was a Christian school — the conversation rapidly shifts to how guns can be taken away.

    The issue, according to former President Donald Trump, is how rapidly we can get guns into schools and into the hands of trained teachers.

    In an interview with Breitbart following his April 14 address to the National Rifle Association’s annual convention in Indianapolis, Trump stated that if he is elected, his plan to stop school shootings would include allowing “teachers who are very good with firearms” to carry on campus, and that it wouldn’t take many of them to end mass shootings in schools.

    During his address, Trump referred to school shootings as “a spiritual problem.”

    “It’s a scandal and a tragedy that year after year Democrats in Washington continue to hold common sense school safety measures hostage to their radical gun control agenda, which in virtually all cases would do nothing to prevent attacks by demented and disturbed individuals,” he said.

    “Our country has been chock-full of guns for centuries and there was no talk of massacres of school children until around the year 2000. That’s when it really started. They started talking about it,” Trump said.

    “This is not a gun problem. This is a mental health problem. This is a social problem. This is a cultural problem. This is a spiritual problem.”

    In an interview with Breitbart conducted immediately after his speech but only published on Sunday, Trump suggested arming only 5 percent of teachers as a solution.

    “More than anything else, it’s mental health and a lot of it is caused by drugs — the drugs are flowing in” through illegal immigration and an open southern border, Trump said.

    “We had it down to about a 32-year-low at the border. I heard today they’re 10 times higher than just three years ago. Can you imagine that? But I think more than anything else it’s mental health, by far. And a lot of that mental health is caused by drugs.”

    During the speech, he vowed to “create a new tax credit to reimburse any teacher for the full cost of a concealed carry firearm and training from highly qualified experts [who are] better,” something he elaborated on during the interview with Breitbart.

    “So you have teachers that are military vets — and I’m talking about people that know how to handle firearms, because that’s a talent,” Trump said.

    “Police officers. But you have teachers that are very good with firearms. You don’t need many. I would say 5 percent — that would be a lot. You could never hire that many security guards. They have every bit as much talent in many cases — they’re champion shooters and everything else.”

    He continued by stating that if the instructors “qualify at a very high level, I would allow them to bring weapons into the classroom.” They also possess the quality of affection for their students. They adore students. Therefore, if they qualify, I would require them to bring weapons. Additionally, I would have armed security at the entrances, etc., but you would prevent it. If individuals believed that random teachers have firearms, they would not enter schools.

    “You let everyone know that a lot of teachers are going to have guns — some people say 15 percent, but I would say 5 percent is enough. If some wacko thinks that some of these teachers they’re going to walk into have guns and they’re expert and really know how to use them, you’re not going to have a problem anymore. They’re not going to have to use them.”

    More on this story via The Western Journal:

    It’s a solution that individual school districts have started to embrace in the wake of the Nashville shooting. Last week, the River Valley Local School District in central Ohio announced it would join 21 others in the Buckeye State that allow teachers to carry on campus in the name of security. CONTINUE READING…

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