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    Trump Releases Viral Video With New 6-Word Slogan

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    Following President Joe Biden’s reelection announcement on Tuesday, the 45th President and leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump published a new ad on Wednesday outlining a bright future for the United States.

    The first section of the advertisement details all of Biden’s failures during his more than two years in office, including his open-border policy, rising crime, incapacitating inflation, and international humiliation.

    “It’s an invasion of America. Streets flooded with poison killing millions,” the ad begins with a focus on the fentanyl crisis.

    “Enemies and tyrants on opposite sides of the world laugh at us,” the narrator explained with images of the Taliban and China shown. “Wars threaten us. The threat of nuclear annihilation once forgotten is now real again. America’s weakness has become their strength.”

    “The global elitists who send your kids to war. Who tell you a woman is a man and a man is a woman,” it continued. “Who teach your children their country, their faith, their beliefs are a lie. They have corrupted every facet of American government, weaponized against you.”

    “While they watch our cities burn and violent crime skyrocket, you and your families pay the price,” the ad emphasized by pointing out the crime wave that surged over the country since the summer of 2020. “Out of control inflation, a wrecked economy.”

    “A nation in decline,” the commercial declared. “This is Joe Biden’s America. Failing. Weak.”

    The advertisement then shifted to a message of optimism for Americans contemplating a second term under Trump, in which the interests of the American people will take precedence.

    “But one man, one movement can change all that for us,” the narrator said. “Put America, the middle class first and put the globalists, the elitist, and the corrupt in their place. Bring back pride and the American dream to let the world know: don’t mess with us.”

    “One man focused on the true owners of this great land. One movement focused on the true priorities,” the narrator said, concluding in 6 words, “Make America great for us again.”

    President Trump is obviously contrasting himself with Vice President Biden. Americans anticipate Trump’s return to the White House due to the record of his first administration, which stands in stark contrast to the last two years under Biden.

    Other conservatives criticized Biden’s announcement for a second term, citing his enormous failures that were likely intended to harm our nation.

    “The man who had thousands fired for not wanting an ineffective vaccine, targeting your Second Amendment rights and subverting the First Amendment through big tech censorship is running on a platform of ‘freedom,’” Katie Pavlich said.

    “‘Let’s finish the job.’ What job exactly? Dismantling the country? I guess,” Ian Miles Cheong chided in reaction to the declaration and slogan. “If you don’t vote Biden you’re a MAGA extremist who hates freedom and democracy.”

    “Joe Biden will ‘finish the job.’ He will finish our economy with a historic depression, finish our domestic energy industry, and finish our standing as a global superpower,” wrote Karolina Leavitt on Twitter. “We literally cannot afford 4 more years of this weak man in the White House.” Karolina Leavitt posted on Twitter.

    Mayra Flores (R-TX), a former congresswoman, wrote, “You are the worst president in United States history.”

    House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) wrote, “I understand that President Biden may be focused on his own political future right now, but he should be focused on the future of America. Biden should have proclaimed he will negotiate a responsible debt limit increase in order to avoid the first default in our nation’s history.

    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene stated, “Joe Biden, 80 years old, has just lied in his pre-recorded 2024 re-election video.

    “Cutting Social Security that you’ve paid for your entire life while cutting taxes for the very wealthy. Dictating what health care decisions women can make, banning books, and telling people who they can love. All while making it more difficult for you to be able to vote.”

    Republicans have absolutely NO intention of cutting social security.

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