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    Trump Makes Big Prediction About What Will Happen to Biden in 2024: ‘Almost Inappropriate for Me to Say It’

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    Donald Trump officially proclaimed his candidacy for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination months ago.

    Joe Biden, who many believe will be the Democratic nominee in 2024, has, surprisingly, passed up numerous opportunities to initiate his campaign.

    In an interview with popular Fox News host Tucker Carlson that aired on Tuesday, Trump offered his opinion on a potential reason for Biden’s reluctance, one that many Democrats might concur with.

    During the interview, Carlson inquired about a potential rematch with Trump.

    Trump’s response was uncharacteristically restrained, considering the Biden administration’s maltreatment of both Trump and the nation, but the message was characteristically direct.

    On the basis of Biden’s dismal performance as president, Trump asserted that Biden could not survive a campaign.

    Jack Posobiec, a conservative activist and commentator, tweeted the exchange.

    Carlson asked Trump, “Do you think Biden will stay in the race?”

    Trump responded, presumably selecting his words carefully.

    “Look, I watch him just like you do, and I think it’s almost inappropriate for me to say it. I don’t see how it’s possible,” he said. “There’s something wrong.”

    Trump does not specify what he means by “there’s something wrong,” but it is evident that he is referring to Biden’s obvious cognitive decline.

    Continuing the thought, Trump referred to a rambling statement Biden made at the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday. One thing Biden let slip to interviewer Al Roker was “I plan on running, Al, but we’re not prepared to announce it yet.”

    Trump said to Carlson, “I saw his answer today, on television, about whether or not he was going to run to a very nice guy named Al Roker. I mean you can’t get a softer question than that.

    “That was a long answer, talking about the eggs and the this and that. Look, I don’t think he can,” Trump concluded.

    There is more of the interview available here:

    Trump acknowledged what he and the rest of the world are able to observe during Biden’s public appearances. There is genuine doubt regarding Biden’s ability to run a successful campaign.

    This is not 2020, when Biden could use the COVID pandemic as a pretext to hide in his basement while Democratic surrogates and the establishment media carried out his campaign for him.

    Numerous instances of incoherence, negligence, and inappropriate behavior have marred Biden’s tenure in the White House. Many Americans believe Biden is incompetent to serve as president and that the presidency is being managed by unidentified aides.

    Democrats are also apprehensive. According to Fox News, a poll conducted by Monmouth University in late March found that 44% of respondents in Biden’s own party believe he should not seek re-election. Only 25 percent of those surveyed believed he should.

    Biden commits so many significant gaffes that they are no longer shocking. It is difficult to envision Biden serving as president and running for re-election without his performance deteriorating further. That appears to be what Trump expects.

    However, Posobiec believes that Democrats will run Biden regardless of how humiliating he is.

    “Trump has asked me this question as well. I said they will keep Biden on that ballot if they have to prop him up with a stick,” Posobiec tweeted.

    Other users of social media added their comments.

    “Haha, there’s something wrong alright,” wrote one.

    More on this story via The Western Journal:

    “Accurate assessment by President Trump,” wrote another.CONTINUE READING…

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