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    Trump Lawyer to Make Ingenious Request for Trial: ‘Take the Curtain Away and All Americans Get to See What’s Happening’

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    Following three indictments and a multitude of bogus criminal charges brought against Donald Trump, the former president may have a truly ingenious maneuver up his sleeve in his never-ending struggle with the American political machine.

    The strategy is straightforward: If you must test me, let the entire world observe.

    This tactical zigzag has been obscured by the third indictment, but Trump counsel John Lauro proposed it last month during an interview on the Fox News program “America Reports.”

    You can view the following segment:

    “If I appear in court, I’m going to be representing not only the president of the United States, but the sovereign citizens of this country who deserve to hear the truth,” Lauro said.

    “The first thing we would ask for is, let’s have cameras in the courtroom so all Americans can see what’s happening in our criminal justice system. And I would hope the Department of Justice would join in that effort so that we take the curtain away and all Americans get to see what’s happening.”

    At this juncture, co-host John Roberts began interrogating Lauro in a peculiarly antagonistic manner.

    “You might want to have that discussion with Donald Trump because he’s the one who didn’t want cameras in the courtroom when he was indicted in New York,” Roberts remarked.

    According to CNBC, Trump’s legal team did not want cameras at his April arraignment in Manhattan for fear of a “circus-like atmosphere.”

    Lauro immediately interjected that “that’s different” and that “we’re going to have a process” this time. However, Roberts continued to reject Lauro’s proposal for courtroom cameras.

    “You also can’t have cameras in federal court, so I think the point is probably moot,” Roberts said.

    “You can ask for it,” Lauro countered.

    “You can ask, but you’re not going to get them,” Roberts matter-of-factly replied.

    In any case, this is a win-win situation for the former president.

    Suppose an exception is made and cameras are permitted inside the courtroom. Not only is this a historic victory for Trump, but the international spotlight is now on him — and, more significantly, his prosecutors.

    Can you image the ratings a televised trial of a former U.S. president would generate? Trump would adore to claim credit for this windfall.)

    More on this story via The Western Journal:

    Now, if cameras are denied, as Roberts so smugly assured us they would be, that’s still a win for Trump. Now the case takes on a whole new air of suspicion. CONTINUE READING…

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