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    Trump Gets Immediate Revenge After Being Ordered To Pay Accuser $5Mil

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    The former president of the United States declared to Fox News Digital that he will appeal the E. Jean Carroll case verdict despite having “absolutely no idea” who she is and labeling it a “disgrace” and “a continuation of the greatest political witch hunt in history.”

    On Tuesday, a federal jury in New York City found Trump culpable of sexual assault and defamation, but not rape. The former president was assessed a $5 million sanction.

    Immediately following the jury’s verdict announcement, Trump told Fox News Digital in an exclusive interview that he “absolutely has no idea who this woman is.”

    “This verdict is a disgrace,” he told Fox News Digital. “It is a continuation of the greatest political witch hunt in history.”

    Trump told Fox News Digital that he “will appeal.”

    “We’ll appeal. We got treated very badly by the Clinton-appointed judge,” Trump said. “And [Carroll] is a Clinton person too.”

    He added: “I have no idea who this woman is.”

    Carroll, 79, claimed that Trump sexually accosted her in 1996 at the Bergdorf Goodman department store across from Trump Tower in Manhattan. Trump was allegedly looking for a gift for “a girl” when he managed to cross paths with Carroll in the store. She claimed that before he pushed her into a dressing room and assaulted her, he asked for her opinion and they went shopping together. According to Trump and his legal team, the claims made by Carroll are false. According to Trump, in the former president’s initial response, Carroll was motivated by a desire to sell copies of her book.

    After Trump’s denial, Carroll filed a defamation lawsuit against him, alleging that his response harmed her reputation.

    Carroll filed a complaint, requesting punitive and compensatory damages in addition to a declaration that Trump retract his statement.

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    Joe Tacopina, Trump’s attorney, had argued to the jury during closing statements on Monday that Carroll’s account is improbable. He affirmed the assertion that she made it up to boost sales of her 2019 memoir and said that she did it in order to criticize Trump on the basis of politics. CONTINUE READING…

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