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    Top House Republican Makes Massive Announcement On Biden’s Bank Records

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    The House Republicans are closing in on President Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s illegal activities. They now have access to banking documents, and while House Democrats applauded the release of former President Trump’s tax returns, they are not pleased with the latest Biden revelations.

    James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, announced new information regarding the activities of the presidential family while speaking on Fox News.

    Evidence alleging Biden’s involvement in corrupt ‘pay-for-play’ schemes as vice president has emerged from a source that the FBI has relied on frequently since the Obama administration and is regarded as “highly credible.”

    The Conservative Brief transcript:

    KUDLOW: “I know you have additional things to talk about, but one point that is so interesting to me — interesting, quote-unquote — is that Burisma wanted to come into the U.S. energy business one way or another, and this prosecutor in Ukraine was standing in the way. So what do they do? They go after flat-out bribery to the Bidens who were in power at the time as vice president. I mean, to me, that rings so clearly. There’s the motive here which, thanks to Brooke’s reporting, I hadn’t heard before.”

    COMER: “Yeah. What the motive was, Larry, was they were wanting to enter into the U.S. energy market through an IPO, and they felt like they couldn’t conduct an initial public offering if they were under investigation for corruption in Ukraine. So that’s what it all pertained to. That’s where the supposed bribe happened. That’s why it happened. Because they wanted to get rid of the prosecutor and try to clear up their name and have a Biden on the board so that they could do an initial public offering to try to show credibility as they — as they tried to expand the market. They also wanted to buy an existing energy company, and I believe it was in Texas but I don’t know the name of the company. So that was their whole business model, that to get their foot in the door, buy a company and do an IPO.”

    COMER: “They have a history of corruption and, you know, if you look at the countries where we’re investigating the Biden family for taking money from foreign nationals, they all fit a pattern of countries with a history of corruption and a history of bribery.”

    KUDLOW: “The FBI story is untenable, absolutely untenable. Wray should be fired or he should resign. Actually, the top five or six layers should resign, which is what I think Donald Trump, maybe other candidates will do if a Republican is elected. Mr. Chairman, let me just ask you this. As your trail, you’re hot on the trail, as this trail gets hotter and hotter and the bribery scandal grows and the evidence points to it, does this not constitute an impeachable offense for President Biden?”

    COMER: “If we can trace bribery, it sure does. But look what we’ve already found, Larry. The Biden family has at least 20 shell companies that were created for the sole purpose to launder money to at least nine Biden family members. When you create a bunch of shell companies for the sole purpose of laundering money, that’s called racketeering. And the money laundering, those aren’t my words, those are the words of at least six big publicly-traded banks that filed bank violations against the Biden family. They said it sure appears that they’re money-laundering. So these are some serious crimes that we’ve already uncovered, but there are still many more banks to go and many more shell companies that I think we’ll discover along the way.”

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    The banking transactions between Hunter and Joe Biden are not the only evidence surfacing. Another whistleblower reportedly provided evidence alleging Biden was involved in corrupt ‘pay-for-play’ schemes as vice president. This source has been frequently used by the FBI since the Obama administration and is deemed to be “highly credible.” CONTINUE READING…

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