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    Team Trump Given Warning After Dominating Town Hall

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    The former president of the United States joined CNN for a town hall in New Hampshire on Wednesday night. The event was praised by both the audience and conservative media.

    Following his Wednesday evening performance at a CNN town hall, President Donald Trump interacted with the audience while exuding confidence. The interaction was captured in a video that has gone viral.

    Trump said, “Have a good time, everybody,” before waving to ecstatic supporters and exiting the platform, describing the situation as “friendly.” Off-screen, cheers for the former president could be heard as he recited his campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” as a supporter exclaimed, “You did awesome Trump!”

    According to the New York Times, Trump’s campaign team was “thrilled” with how the event went, while media pundits and left-leaning commenters were incensed that he had a primetime hour on cable news to himself.

    The event, which required the campaign to work closely with a network they have always distrusted, resulted in a very receptive audience that laughed along with Trump’s quips and jeered the moderator Kaitlan Collins as she attempted to refute false claims about the 2020 election.

    As praise for the former president’s Wednesday night town hall performance afflicted leftists and their political pundits, liberal media seized the attention to warn the nation about team Trump’s anti-Semitism and far-right conspiracies.

    “Starting Thursday evening, crowds are expected to gather at former President Donald Trump’s Doral resort for a weekend conference of conservative figures, some of whom have praised Hitler or espoused debunked claims about elections and vaccines,” Yahoo News warned their readers of what’s to come.”Thousands are meeting at Trump National Doral Miami for the latest stop of the ReAwaken America Tour, an event that features Christian themes and appearances around the country by some of Trump’s inner circle.”

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    The outlet made it sound as though the gathering was some kind of equivalent to a clan rally, perhaps in an effort to discredit their opposing political views and instill fear and anger in others. In actuality, the gathering seeks to save the nation by exposing the truth about fraud in elections, healthcare, and the media, according to the founder of the ReAwaken America Tour. CONTINUE READING…

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