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    Stunning New Filing In Kari Lake Election Case

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    When the Arizona Supreme Court ruled against gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s allegations of malfeasance in the midterm elections, many believed her case was over. However, a portion of the case was remanded to trial, and new evidence has emerged.

    The Arizona court has ordered a trial court to undertake an additional review of the county’s procedures for verifying signatures on mail-in ballots in order to keep the case alive.

    According to new evidence, Maricopa County falsely certified that it had passed L&A testing and then covertly tested all tabulators on three separate days. It also demonstrates that they KNEW 260 of the tabulators would fail on election day, according to New evidence also indicates that Scott Jarrett, the director of elections, gave FALSE TESTIMONY at trial regarding the BOD printer malfunctions that caused the tabulators to malfunction.

    On Friday, the court heard the case to determine how the new signature verification action will proceed. This is a distinct motion seeking relief from a judgment. states:

    Lake requests relief from judgment (essentially a do-over) pursuant to Rule 60(b). You can request what Lake is requesting if you have newly discovered evidence that you could not have had in time for the previous trial, or if the opposing party engaged in fraud, misrepresentation, or other malfeasance. Indeed, they do.

    Expert testimony Clay Parikh is back with additional information after conducting extensive research and requesting public records, etc., after the case was decided. Maricopa was compelled to comply with these requests, and information from the report (BOD Report) examining the ballot on-demand printers was utilized.

    On Election Day, Maricopa did not conduct L&A testing on *any* vote center tabulators, according to new evidence. In addition, after certifying L&A compliance on 10/11/22, they surreptitiously tested all 446 vote-center tabulators on 10/14, 10/17, and 10/18, KNOWING that 260 of them would fail on Election Day.

    Jarrett LIE on the stand when he stated that the 19″ ballot was printed on 20″ paper. Since day one, I have been hammering this, but now we have more. Jarrett’s testimony that this only occurred at three voting locations and was caused by temporary technicians attempting to repair printer problems on Election Day IS FALSE.

    Initially, the judge ruled against Lake for a number of reasons, including the fact that she had failed to demonstrate intentional malfeasance by Maricopa officials. The new information appears to undermine this conclusion. The outlet notes that the lack of voting integrity occurred not only in 2022 but also in several election cycles preceding the most recent midterms. continues:

    Lake received EXTREMELY limited discovery prior to her trial. Their expert Clay Parikh was able to examine a sample of ballots from six vote centers the day before the trial. In his testimony, he stated that he discovered 19″ ballot images on 20″ paper in ALL SIX of these polling locations, affecting 48 of the 113 combined defective and duplicate ballots.

    Here is the main point. One of the arguments that is CONSTANTLY brought up here is that those spoiled ballots were duplicates, therefore they were tallied.

    I have always argued that the pattern of facts contradicts this claim. Maricopa DID NOT KEEP THE DUPLICATE alongside the original, so it was impossible to determine how the duplicate was voted.

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    Jarrett was working with Parikh and told him he was unable to produce ANY OF the “duplicated” ballots. CONTINUE READING…

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