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    Stephen Strang: President Trump’s Indictment Brings Spiritual Challenges, But 45 Will Survive

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    Without a doubt, we live in an inverted world where good is termed evil and evil is called good.

    The awakened agenda continues to oppose Christian and conservative voices that oppose child indoctrination, the removal of God from society, and a socialist government. In this world-turned-upside-down, history is being made.

    Consider the charges against President Donald Trump. No former president has ever been subjected to this level of ridicule, and it sets a perilous precedent for future leaders.

    As I discuss in my book “God and Donald Trump,” I believe that Donald Trump was appointed by God to lead our nation, and our country is better for his presidency.

    Could God possibly have a plan for this nation? Could it be that He has a plan for His people? I have argued that Trump won the evangelical vote by the largest margin in recorded history. I have not attempted to assess his spiritual state; only God knows the human heart. Nonetheless, I’ve been informed that he has been shown the way to salvation, and if he believes in his heart that Jesus Christ is risen and the only begotten Son of God, then he is a Christian who has been born again.

    The greatest thing I can do at this time is to pray for Donald Trump’s safety and success, and I hope that millions will join me.

    Despite the difficulties we confront, I believe it is essential to comprehend how God uses them for our benefit. There are numerous categories of obstacles in life, but the following three are particularly significant at this time:

    This collapsed, inverted world has caused a number of difficulties. When the Antichrist appears and dreadful events commence, we will have little choice but to persevere and rely on the Holy Spirit for guidance. Much of the insanity we observe in the world today is a result of the fact that we are approaching the end of the world.

    Some obstacles are God’s testing. Peter understood that adversity could be beneficial. He wrote that you may have to “suffer various trials, in order that the genuineness of your faith, which is more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tried by fire, may be found to result in praise, glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ.”

    However, some trials are the consequence of our own poor decisions or fallen, sinful nature. A terrible divorce may be a test brought on by the decision to wed the wrong individual. Being fired may be a dreadful ordeal, but you may have earned it by being unreliable as an employee. If you’ve allowed poor habits and addictions to dominate your life, changing your behavior can be a challenge. But these hardships are all self-inflicted.

    When living in the power of the Holy Spirit, one does not face existence alone. You are not restricted to what you can achieve with your own strength. Regardless of the type of difficulty you’re facing — whether it’s a financial, relational, or health crisis, or something else — you can draw on His fortitude to persevere until you achieve victory.

    Likewise, when you serve God and live by His Spirit, you receive an abundance of benefits, including joy, health, purpose, forgiveness, and marvels, to name a few. However, the Spirit-led life is not only characterized by peaks, but also by valleys, and there are numerous potent, Spirit-filled Christians who have persevered despite enduring terrible circumstances.

    More on this story via The Western Journal:

    I personally believe Donald Trump is being led by the Spirit and will survive this as he has nearly everything thrown his way by the woke crowd. Join me in praying for this. CONTINUE READING…

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