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    Special Counsel Jack Smith Seeks to Push Back Start Date of Trump’s Documents Trial

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    After former President Donald Trump was indicted on charges related to his handling of classified documents earlier this month, a number of legal analysts predicted that his legal team would attempt to delay the trial as long as possible, possibly until after the 2024 election.

    The first postponement, however, was not requested by Trump’s legal team, but rather by the man who indicted him, special counsel Jack Smith.

    The Epoch Times reported that U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon, a Trump appointee, initially set a court date for August 14, but Smith wants that date moved back to December 11.

    “The request asks for the trial to be delayed by four months because there is classified information involved. To handle this information, Trump’s lawyers need to get security clearances, and that process takes time,” the outlet noted. “Interim security clearances are currently being processed and should be granted within 48 hours after Trump’s lawyers submit the required forms. However, obtaining the final clearance to access a few specific classified documents may take anywhere from 45 to 60 days.”

    Trump’s legal team must possess security clearances in order to gain access to classified case-related information. According to Smith, he has discussed the issue with Trump’s counsel, who have not objected to the trial date postponement. According to the source, it is anticipated that the former president’s attorneys will file their own motion delineating their reservations and objections to the dates proposed by the government.

    In his motion, Smith acknowledged that the government has been diligent in providing the defense with unclassified discovery materials, which includes “evidence gathered through subpoenas, warrants, grand jury testimony transcripts, witness interviews, relevant documents, and closed-circuit television footage obtained during the investigation,” The Epoch Times noted.

    “Even with the prompt production the government has arranged, the inclusion of additional time for defense counsel to review and digest the discovery, to make their own decisions about any production to the government, and for the government to review the same, is reasonable and appropriate,” says Smith’s motion.

    The Epoch Times continues:

    This motion clarifies that the Classified Information Procedures Act (CIPA) has an impact on the trial proceedings, as it imposes additional time requirements for cases involving classified information. Under CIPA, parties may request a pre-trial conference to discuss any potential issues relating to the prosecution of a case involving classified information.

    Smith also filed a motion requesting a pre-trial conference and the designation of a Classified Information Security Officer due to the presence of classified defense evidence in the case against Trump. According to the petition, CIPA will determine how the court handles the discovery of classified information and establish admissibility guidelines.

    Smith submitted a distinct motion requesting permission to submit a confidential witness list, which was shared with Trump’s legal team. Trump and his co-defendant, Walt Nauta, are not permitted to communicate with the individuals on the list.

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    Trump handily won the state in 2020, and that could definitely work to his advantage when it comes to his federal trial. CONTINUE READING…

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