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    Sean Hannity’s Ratings Drop Following Tucker Carlson Ouster

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    Since popular host Tucker Carlson was booted from the network last week, Sean Hannity’s primetime show on Fox News is feeling the pressure.

    According to a new report, Hannity’s 8 PM ET program on April 13 had 2.7 million viewers. In the past week, Hannity’s program has averaged approximately 1.7 million viewers. Since Carlson’s departure from the 7 p.m. ET time slot, Hannity’s program has taken a significant blow.

    “But now that he’s gone, so are most of Fox’s viewers. And now poor Sean, whose show followed Tucker’s, only has half his former viewers,” according to Showbiz411.

    Roger Friedman of Showbiz411 remarked, “It doesn’t help that Hannity’s lead-in is not the dismissed Tucker Carlson, but a show whose ratings have also declined. The 8 p.m. position receives no viewers. But if Hannity relied so heavily on Carlson’s ratings, what does that say about him?”

    Hannity stated earlier this week that he was “stunned” to discover the network had parted ways with Carlson.

    Hannity, whose 9 PM ET program on Fox News promptly follows Carlson’s now-former time slot, admitted on his radio program “The Sean Hannity Show” that he was unaware of Carlson’s departure.

    “It’s very hard,” Hannity said. “My phone has been blowing up. The hard part for me is I don’t have a clue … I have no idea. Was it Tucker’s decision? Was it Fox’s? Was it a mutual agreement that they had? I don’t know. I guess people think that because I’ve been there the longest I’d have some knowledge or understanding of what’s going on, but… I just don’t.”

    The abrupt departure of Tucker Carlson from Fox News appears to have affected other presenters, including Sean Hannity.

    The Epoch Times published a report last week detailing how several primetime cable news hosts experienced enormous ratings declines in the previous week.

    Nielsen reports that 2.65 million people watched the finale of Carlson one week ago. Monday’s ratings for Brian Kilmeade’s fill-in hosting of “Fox News Tonight” were 2.59 million, Tuesday’s were 1.7 million, and Wednesday’s were 1.33 million. Nielsen data reveals that Carlson drew approximately 3 million viewers last Wednesday.

    Nielsen reports that Sean Hannity’s 9 p.m. Fox News program attracted approximately 2.5 million viewers on Monday, 2 million on Tuesday, and 1.7 million on Wednesday. The week prior, Hannity attracted approximately 2.6 million viewers on Wednesday, according to the ratings.

    The April 19 episode of “The Ingraham Angle” attracted 2.156 million viewers. This past Wednesday, however, two days after Carlson’s departure was confirmed, her program attracted 1.55 million viewers.

    The Jesse Watters show also declined. Wednesday’s audience was 1.558 million, compared to the previous week’s audience of 2.1 million.

    Neighbors and residents of the small Maine town where Carlson spends his summers disclosed his state of mind immediately after he was removed from the air over the weekend.

    Carlson received messages of support from residents of Woodstock, Maine, where he spends the majority of his summers, following his dismissal from Fox News.

    Despite being a divisive figure on the national political scene, Woodstock residents describe Carlson as a decent neighbor, claiming they have never encountered his hostility in person.

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    “More time for fishing?” friend and carpenter Patrick Fenney asked Carlson in a text message at around lunchtime on Monday, the day CEO Suzanne Scott reportedly told the now-former host his show was being taken off the air. CONTINUE READING…

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