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    Republicans Stand In The Way Of Dems Replacing Feinstein On Judiciary Committee

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    The Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee will not assist the Democrats in replacing Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein of California.

    CNN reported that President Joe Biden’s efforts to get his judicial nominees approved have been hampered by Sen. Feinstein’s absence, and that Republicans intend to prevent Democrats from replacing her on the Judiciary Committee.

    To replace Feinstein on the panel, Democrats would need 60 votes, but senior Republicans in leadership and on the committee made it plain on Monday that they would not provide them with the necessary votes. If Feinstein does not return shortly, at least twelve nominees, and possibly more, could be delayed.

    If Democrats are unable to replace Feinstein and the California Democrat does not return to Washington shortly, key agenda items could be thwarted on both the committee and Senate floor.

    “Senate Republicans will not take part in sidelining a temporary absent colleague off the committee just so Democrats can force through their very worst nominees,” Senate Minority Leader and Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell said.

    In addition, he was not the only Republican to oppose assisting the Democrats.

    “I don’t think Republicans can or should help President Biden’s most controversial nominees,” Sen. John Cornyn said. “I support having Sen. Feinstein come back as soon as she can. But this effort to confirm controversial and in many instances largely unqualified nominees, I don’t think you can expect any Republican cooperation.”

    “I don’t think senatorial courtesy will work to move liberal judges,” Sen. Chuck Grassley said to CNN.

    Sen. John Thune, a Republican, stated that Democrats could use this to increase pressure on Feinstein to retire.

    “The Dems are sort of using this because they want pressure on her to resign and I think this gives them… sort of a lever to do that,” the senator said.

    “I will not go along with Chuck Schumer’s plan to replace Senator Feinstein on the Judiciary Committee and pack the court with activist judges,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn said.

    “Republicans should not assist Democrats in confirming Joe Biden’s most radical nominees to the courts,” Sen. Tom Cotton said.

    Dick Durbin, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, cautioned Republicans that they could confront the same issue and require the votes of Democrats.

    “The Republicans ought to think a little bit about what this means. Tomorrow, they could be facing exactly the same thing,” he said.

    Democrats’ efforts to persuade Senator Feinstein to retire have increased.

    Rep. Ro Khanna, a Democrat from California, appeared on “Fox News Sunday” and discussed with anchor Shannon Bream the need for Sen. Dianne Feinstein to resign so that Gov. Gavin Newsom can appoint a replacement.

    However, Bream asked him if he had the same concerns regarding Pennsylvania Democratic Senator John Fetterman, who has spent more time in the hospital than in the Senate since his election.

    “It’s one thing to take medical leave and come back. It’s another thing where you’re just not doing the job,” he said. “The reality here is the sense that you need to have a deference to these senators who served so long. How about a deference to the American people? How about an expectation that if you sign up to do one of these jobs, you show up?”

    “This has to do with someone who is just not showing up, and I said out loud what people have been saying in private, and this is how the Beltway works. They don’t like it when you call out someone who’s in power, and that’s why people are unlikely to do it. But we’ve had so many calls from the American people and they say ‘Yeah, that’s right. If you’re gonna sign up to do these jobs, show up!’” he said.

    On the other Sunday programs, his fellow Democrats were held accountable regarding Senator Feinstein.

    Jake Tapper, the presenter of CNN’s “State of the Union,” grilled New York Democrat Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand about her position on the program.

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    Conservative Brief:

    “Senator, there are growing calls among Democrats for 89-year-old Dianne Feinstein to resign. She’s missed 60 votes over the last two months due to illness. Her absence is increasingly harming Democrats’ ability to confirm nominees, pass legislation,” the host said. CONTINUE READING…

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