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    Protests Erupt in NYC as Deadly Clash Between Marine and Subway Harasser Becomes ‘New George Floyd’ Situation

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    The summer of 2020 will be remembered for a massive, disgraceful cultural event: the riots that destroyed businesses and resulted in dozens of fatalities across the country in “honor” of George Floyd after his death in police custody in Minneapolis.

    It appears that the groundwork has been laid for a sequel in 2023.

    For those unaware, a controversy erupted in New York City on Monday after videos circulated of a mentally disturbed man being restrained by other metro riders after allegedly harassing and threatening passengers.

    The chokehold employed on him proved fatal.

    According to WABC-TV, the individual who placed the hold has only been identified as a 24-year-old former Marine.

    The victim has been identified as 30-year-old Jordan Neely, described by the New York Daily News as a “homeless, mentally-ill Michael Jackson impersonator.”

    His death has sparked a wave of wrath eerily reminiscent of the George Floyd outrage.

    Among some of the most prominent conservative voices on Twitter, this similarity is not lost.

    Conservative firebrand Matt Walsh retweeted New York reporter Samantha Max, who posted a video of demonstrators at the Broadway-Fayette Street subway station chanting “Justice for Jordan Neely.”

    “We have our new George Floyd,” Walsh tweeted. “A psychotic violent bum with 40 arrests who assaulted, harassed, and threatened innocent people for years until someone finally had enough of it.

    “Now they’ll turn the bum into a martyr because his death is useful to their political agenda.”

    According to reports, Neely had an extensive arrest history.

    According to WABC, Neely had been arrested “more than 40 times” for a variety of offenses, including public lewdness and elder abuse.

    Ian Miles Cheong, a prominent conservative on Twitter, echoed Walsh’s sentiments while posting a video of protesters assembling in New York City streets.

    “They found their new George Floyd. Criminal record a mile long, gets in an altercation on a train and loses his life,” Cheong tweeted.

    “None of this would be happening if policing and prosecutions weren’t so weak,” he said.

    “Laws are not being upheld and citizens are taking matters into their own hands.”

    Intriguingly, although Walsh and Cheong both observed remnants of the George Floyd protests in social media recordings, they gleaned distinct information from the demonstrations.

    Walsh appeared more concerned with how leftists will attempt to weaponize Neely’s murder in order to justify more destruction and violence.

    More on this story via The Western Journal:

    Cheong, meanwhile, focused on the notion that the tragedy was a direct result of the demonizing of law enforcement officials. CONTINUE READING…

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