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    Probe Uncovers Disturbing Act – WH Visitor Logs Altered to Protect 1 Person

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    According to a report released on Wednesday, a review of the White House visitor logs from the beginning of the Biden administration to February of this year revealed that no trips or prolonged stays by Hunter Biden were recorded.

    According to an investigation conducted by Fox News Digital, the Biden administration is not the “most transparent in American history,” as the site claims.

    “Fox News Digital reviewed several articles to piece together Hunter Biden’s whereabouts during his dad’s administration and found that he has visited the White House over a dozen times through February 2023, the month accounted for in the most recent batch of visitor logs released last month,” the report said.

    “A majority of the White House visits that Fox News Digital found were from 2022, which include the annual egg roll, Medal of Freedom ceremony, France State Dinner on the South Lawn, Christmas tree lighting, his daughter’s wedding, among others. However, they are all absent from the visitor logs, including what appear to be extended stays at the White House,” the report added.

    Fox News Digital has previously reported on Hunter Biden’s efforts to use White House events to advance his own financial interests while the Obama administration was in office, despite the fact that many of these events are essentially ceremonial and entrenched in tradition.

    Fox News Digital asserted that Hunter and his longtime business associate Eric Schwerin coordinated with his father’s White House staff to extend invitations to potential business partners at official events.

    When Fox News Digital inquired as to why Hunter Biden’s visits were not recorded in the White House logs, a spokesperson cited a rule instituted at the start of the current administration.

    The policy is much less open than the Obama administration, in which Joe Biden served as vice president: “The White House will not release access records related to purely personal guests of the First and Second Families (i.e., visits that do not involve any official or political business).”

    Fox Added:

    Fox News Digital discovered that while the Obama administration does not disclose all Biden family member visits and omitted several Hunter visits, they did include over 70 entries, which included Hunter, Hunter’s daughters and ex-wife, and other relatives.

    In addition to Hunter, several other Biden family members are absent from the administration’s visitor logs, such as President Biden’s siblings, his daughter, and his granddaughters. Valerie Biden Owens or Valerie J. Owens appears to have visited the White House a few times, but she has likely been there many more times due to her role as her brother’s closest confidante and her close professional relationships with several members of Biden’s senior staff.

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    The state banquet honoring French President Emmanuel Macron was held in December 2022, and Hunter Biden went together with his wife Melissa Cohen Biden, sister Ashley Biden, and aunt Valerie Owens. However, the list of attendance did not include their names. CONTINUE READING…

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