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    Political Analyst Believes Biden Won’t Make It Through Primaries, Will Leave Race

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    A veteran political observer and analyst believes that President Joe Biden will not survive the upcoming primaries and will be forced to withdraw from the campaign.

    Hugh Hewitt made his audacious prediction this week after Biden reportedly tripped over a sandbag while delivering the commencement address to the graduating class of the Air Force Academy in Colorado.

    “Hewitt sees the race shaping up similarly to the 1968 one when then-President Lyndon Johnson told the nation he would not seek re-election after barely winning the first Democratic primary contest,” The Western Journal reported.

    If re-elected, Biden will be 82 years old on the day of the 2025 inauguration if he is re-elected. He will be 86 years old when his term expires. Several medical professionals and other observers have repeatedly observed a significant decline in his physical and mental abilities and have predicted that the decline will continue.

    Ronald Reagan, who served two four-year terms, was the oldest president when he departed office at the age of 77.

    In an interview with Fox News’s Dana Perino, Hewitt was asked to respond to a puff piece published by The New York Times after Biden’s accident, which acknowledged his age but claimed he was still able to perform his duties.

    “This is The New York Times tip-toeing into what is seen as the major story on the Democratic side,” Hewitt told Perino, adding that two of the four reporters assigned to write the lengthy story admitted, “The president is infirm.”

    “We haven’t been in the position before in this late stage in the game,” Perino responded before asking: “Do you think the Democrats try to make a change or just go for it and see what happens?”

    “I’m reminded of 1968. Lyndon Johnson was going to run for re-election,” Hewitt responded.

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    Johnson “went up to New Hampshire. He managed to beat [Sen.] Eugene McCarthy from Minnesota, but he was not able to beat him convincingly, and LBJ dropped out,” Hewitt noted. CONTINUE READING…

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