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    Pelosi Freaks Out Over Republicans For Protecting Female Sports: ‘They’re Losers!’

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    Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) referred to Republicans in states where they are striving to protect female sports competitions as “losers.”

    These Republican efforts in several states include new laws prohibiting biological males from competing in all-female sporting events, but Democrats — who have campaigned for decades as champions of “women’s rights” — have sided with transgender athletes despite the unfair physical advantages most of them have in such competitions.

    Monday, the LGBTQ news site The Advocate published a “edited and condensed version” of a conversation in which the writer appeared to bait Pelosi by telling her that “so many members of our community are scared right now given all the hateful legislation in state legislatures across the country and all the dangerous rhetoric by Republicans.”

    “Here’s what I think. I think they’re losers. They’re losers,” Pelosi responded before going on to address gun rights and abortion issues.

    “They’re losing on guns. You know, we still don’t have the legislation we want, but the public is not really with them with all these mass shootings going on. People have had enough,” the California Democrat said. “Young people are taking that issue on more and more each day. They’re growing more tired of all the inaction. They’re losing on women’s right to choose, which is a losing issue for them and was during the last midterm election.”

    After rhetorically inquiring, “So, what do they have?” Pelosi continued, “Therefore, they are now focusing on the transgender and drag communities because they believe these groups have some relevance.” I’m unsure, but does anyone genuinely believe that the drag issue poses a threat? Obviously not, so they will also lose on that point.”

    The Daily Wire reported that Republican-controlled states across the nation have enacted restrictions on minors’ access to sex-change therapy. Critics argue that these measures restrict access to “gender-affirming” care, whereas proponents assert that they safeguard children.

    In addition, states governed by the Republican Party have taken measures to prevent transgender athletes from participating in female sports and to prevent juveniles from attending drag performances due to concerns about the presence of sexually explicit content.

    In Washington, D.C., the Republican-controlled House voted to prohibit biologically male athletes who identify as females from competing on girls’ and women’s school athletic teams. As both the Senate and the White House are presently controlled by Democrats, it is unlikely that the proposed ban will be enacted without Democratic support.

    The prohibition would be applicable to federally funded educational institutions.

    Pelosi, who has caused a stir in recent years for appearing on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” show, went on to say she agreed that what Republicans are doing is “frightening.”

    “It is frightening. Because it’s about hate. When we did the hate crimes legislation, now this was a number of years ago, and we had the majority, we couldn’t get the bills to come to the floor, and to be able to vote on it on the floor,” Pelosi said.

    “And so, people came to me and said, If you take out trans, you can pass the bill in one minute,” Pelosi continued. “I said, if we take out trans, we’re not passing the bill, because I’m not taking out trans. That’s just the way it is. Now this was probably like 2008 and 2009, so it’s a while ago, but here we are again today. We just must be really forceful in speaking out,” she said.

    Loren Perkins, a transgender activist, advocated for drag performances during a fiery speech at the Texas State Capitol in late March, which resulted in a physical altercation.

    Fox News reported that the incident “quickly went viral on TikTok, picking up more than 1 million views on the platform.”

    In her speech, Perkins reportedly compared Texas Republicans to Nazis and voiced her opposition to legislation that would prohibit public libraries and other venues from receiving state funding if they conduct drag shows.

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    “By manipulating the words of an ancient text and shoehorning it into legislation aimed at an at-risk minority population, you liken yourself to another group that gained popularity in Germany in the 1930s,” Perkins said. CONTINUE READING…

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