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    Panicked Democrats Realize They’ve Lit the Fuse on a ‘Time Bomb’ That Looks Certain to Blow Up in Their Faces

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    The leftists in charge of the largest metropolis in the United States are in a state of panic after realizing that their policies may have contributed to their downfall.

    The New York Times reported on Thursday that the migrant crisis in New York City has reached a breaking point, leaving the Democrats in a difficult position to decide what to do.

    In recent weeks, New York City has experienced an influx of illegal immigrants, with shelters and city services struggling to keep up. As a result, pressure is mounting on New York Governor Kathy Hochul to take action.

    To alleviate the strain on the city, many, including New York City Mayor Eric Adams, have urged the governor to relocate the migrants to rural, more conservative regions of the state.

    Obviously, this solution could pose a problem for the Democrats, as relocating the migrants to other regions of the state runs the risk of angering rural voters who are unwilling to welcome the migrants into their communities.

    On the other hand, leaving the migrants in place will frustrate and enrage the city’s residents, possibly causing them to abandon the Democrats in the upcoming election.

    In sum, this is a no-win situation for New York’s Democrats, and many party leaders are aware of this.

    Former deputy mayor and advisor to former mayor Michael Bloomberg, Howard Wolfson, told the Times that the issue is a “ticking time bomb” that could cost the Democrats crucial contests in the upcoming election.

    “There is no question in my mind that the politics of this is a disaster to Democrats,” he said. “This issue alone has the potential to cost the Democrats the House because it is such a huge issue here in New York City and the coverage of it is clearly heard and seen by voters in all of these swing districts in the suburbs.”

    Democratic political consultant Charlie King stated that it is only a matter of time before this issue bites the Democrats.

    “It’s just a question of when this all sort of explodes,” he told the Times. “I just don’t know how long you can evade this, and I don’t know that it gets better in the next 18 to 24 months.”

    While it is encouraging that the left is finally acknowledging the negative effects of lax enforcement of immigration laws on the country, it is regrettable that it took them so long to realize this.

    Anyone who examined the situation with integrity could have predicted that their policies would result in political calamity.

    More on this story via The Western Journal:

    One only needs to look at the current situation on the southern border to see what harm the lax enforcement of immigration laws has on communities. That alone should have been enough for the Democrats to try and do something. CONTINUE READING…

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