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    Nearly 10,000 Photos From Hunter Biden’s Laptop Released Online

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    The laptop of Hunter Biden contained several images that have been made available online. On Thursday, a website disclosed the collection of approximately 10,000 images from Biden’s personal laptop that were allegedly left at a Delaware computer repair shop. has been updated with what are reportedly thousands of photographs from Hunter Biden’s laptop. The website contains approximately 10,000 photographs retrieved from Biden’s laptop and dating from 2008 to 2019. The website was made by the nonprofit research organization Marco Polo.

    Former Trump White House aide Garrett Ziegler, the founder of Marco Polo, told Fox News, “It took us a few months to redact the genitalia from approximately 10,000 photographs.”

    According to Ziegler, Hallie Biden, the widow of Beau Biden and erstwhile lover of Hunter, had several nude photographs taken, but they were not published.

    One image depicts condom packaging alongside what appear to be medications. The image reportedly originated from a text conversation between Hunter and Hallie Biden.

    Social Security numbers, banking information, and credit card information have been removed from the website.

    Ziegler acknowledged that the majority of the images are unremarkable, but that “several” images raise red flags and require media coverage.

    As Ziegler pointed out, “There are, for example, screenshots of Candy Crush games where we are fairly confident in saying there’s absolutely no news value to those. So it’s going to be, I would say, 98% of the photos on the device, around 10,000 in total, although it’ll be slightly less than that.”

    “The number one thing we’re about … is truth and transparency. If the American people want to know what their first family is like, they’re going to get it. And we’re not going to be taking out photos that paint the Bidens in a good light.” according to Zieger.

    “There’s a picture of a letter that Hunter’s daughter, Finnegan, wrote to, I assume, troops stationed overseas, like in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s an adorable letter. Finnegan’s around 9 years old at the time, and it definitely paints the Bidens in a good light,” he added.

    According to Ziegler, a “completely authentic recounting of the photos” on Hunter’s laptop would be available on the website. On the website, viewers can view the information about the photographs taken from Biden’s laptop, he stated.

    “They’re going to be able to see where the photo was taken, what time it was taken, and if it has latitude and longitude coordinates attached to it,” he claimed.

    According to Ziegler, videos captured from the missing laptop will be uploaded later. He claimed that part of the reason for the delay was that his team needed to use AI algorithms to regulate the videos because “there’s so much pornography.”

    The Marco Polo company conducted a forensic analysis of each document on Biden’s laptop and published a 634-page report in October 2022 detailing their findings.

    According to the New York Post, “The 634-page report (plus 2,020 footnotes) lists six alleged crimes committed by Joe Biden, including tax evasion and violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), alongside 459 crimes it alleges were committed by Hunter, including illegal foreign lobbying and money laundering.”

    In March, when Hunter Biden sued the owner of the computer repair shop for invasion of privacy, it appeared he was validating the story of his vanished laptop.

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    Biden’s lawsuit was a response to the lawsuit brought by store owner John Paul Mac Isaac, as The Blaze has reported. CONTINUE READING…

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