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    NASCAR Great Jimmie Johnson Loses 3 Family Members in ‘Bone-Chilling’ Tragedy

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    Monday saw the murder-suicide of Jimmie Johnson’s in-laws and nephew, which police are labeling a murder-suicide.

    Monday’s incident occurred in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Terry Janway, 68, is suspected of shooting and killing her husband, Jack Janway, 69, and their grandson, Dalton Janway, 11. According to KOKI-TV, the Janways are the parents of Johnson’s wife, Chandra Janway.

    Monday at 9:05 p.m., police in Muskogee received a dispatch from the Janway residence. A female complainant informed police that a disturbance was occurring and that someone was armed. The caller then disconnected, as reported by the Muskogee Phoenix.

    When police arrived, they discovered Jack Janway lying in the house’s entryway.

    As they entered the home, they heard a gunshot from inside.

    After removing Jack Janway, the authorities called out for the house’s occupants, but no one ever emerged.

    When police entered the residence, they discovered Terry Janway and Dalton Janway deceased.

    Officer Lynn Hamlin of the Muskogee Police Department stated that the incident was likely a murder-suicide.

    “That’s what they are still investigating but there appears there’s no threat to the community so it’s looking very likely that it’s a murder-suicide,” she said.

    “It was traumatizing to find out that a long-standing family who had made so many contributions to our community were involved in this type of incident. It was even more bone-chilling to find out there was a child involved,” Muskogee Mayor Marlon Coleman told KOKI, noting that he was a patient of Jack Janway, who was a chiropractor.

    “I knew Dr. Janway. Dr. Janway has worked on me, we’ve been acquaintances for a very, very long time since I’ve been in Muskogee. Just knowing that it was him and his family took a different toll on me,” he said.

    Coleman stated that the calamity highlights the need for heightened awareness of impending mental health issues.

    “One thing I want to say to my community right now is that more than ever, we need to love each other,” Coleman said.

    “We need to be concerned about each other enough that if we identify issues with family or friends, that we talk to them and get them the help that they need,” he said.

    More on this story via The Western Journal:

    Johnson’s team has pulled out of an upcoming NASCAR race in Chicago. CONTINUE READING…

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