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    MTG Says Biden Must Serve Jail Time After What She Just Saw

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    Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene demanded that President Joe Biden be imprisoned for the alleged malfeasance detailed in an FBI document.

    “This is an impeachable document. President Biden should be impeached. Secondly, he should be prosecuted,” she told the Daily Caller on Thursday.

    “This is unbelievable. It’s a pay-to-play scheme. He took a bribe from a foreign national in a foreign country that paid millions of dollars. … He needs to be prosecuted for this, and I would argue that he should serve jail time.”

    Greene stated that penalizing Biden is not a political move, but rather the correct action.

    “If we were not politically divided, if we were the United States that used to exist that is righteous and just, if we were a just nation, Joe Biden would be impeached. No one could argue with this, Democrat or Republican. I would say no one can argue with it now,” she said.

    According to Fox News, sources familiar with the FD-1023 form in question stated that it asserts Biden was paid $5 million by an executive of the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings. Hunter Biden once served on the board of directors for Burisma.

    A FD-1023 report contains unverified information provided by a confidential source to the FBI.

    According to Fox, the 2020 report summarizes the informant’s 2015 conversations with a Burisma executive.

    The executive of Burisma allegedly stated that the company had to “pay the Bidens” due to an investigation conducted by Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin while Biden was vice president of the United States.

    Later, Biden would gloat that he got Shokin fired by threatening to cut off U.S. aid to Ukraine.

    “$5 million for one Biden, $5 million for the other Biden,” the Burisma executive told the confidential human source, according to Fox.

    Fox reported that an FBI informant believes that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden each received $5 million.

    According to the confidential source, the executive of Burisma stated that the payments were made “through so many different bank accounts” that it would take investigators at least ten years to “unravel this.”

    More on this story via The Western Journal:

    The Burisma executive said he “didn’t pay the Big Guy directly,” the source reported. “Big Guy” has been interpreted to mean Joe Biden. CONTINUE READING…

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