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    More Revealing Laptop Emails Show How Conflated Hunter and Joe’s Worlds Are

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    Joe Biden has repeatedly denied allegations that he was aware of his son’s business dealings. Now that the deception has been exposed, it is also clear that Joe and the rest of the family, as well as Hunter’s business dealings, were also involved.

    In addition to meeting with his son’s business partners, those business partners were also collaborating with his acquaintances to resolve the Hunter situation.

    We witnessed Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s participation in efforts to resolve the Hunter matter.

    According to allegations, he orchestrated the controversial letter signed by 51 retired intelligence officers on behalf of the Biden campaign.

    Michael Morrell, the former director of the CIA, acknowledged that the objective was undoubtedly to support Biden in the election.

    This letter could have had a significant impact on the election by discrediting the Hunter Biden laptop story. During the debate with Trump, Biden continued to lie about the laptop being Russian disinformation despite the fact that the campaign was behind the fabrication.

    Professor of law at George Washington University Jonathan Turley describes Blinken as a “made man” and makes the excellent point that Blinken eventually became Secretary of State.

    Blinken and his wife, according to recent allegations, conferred with Hunter Biden and exchanged emails with him.

    The Blinken relationship consisted of email correspondence and in-person meetings.

    What makes Blinken so intriguing? Blinken, who served as Deputy Secretary of State under Barack Obama, conferred with Hunter Biden to provide “advice” while Hunter was on the board of Burisma.

    Then there was the incident in which Joe Biden threatened the Ukrainian prosecutor with dismissal.

    Democrats asserted that Biden acted in such a manner because the prosecutor was not performing his duties. However, as previously reported, on February 2, 2016, the office of prosecutor Viktor Shokin raided the residence of the founder of Burisma and seized items.

    There appears to have been an investigation there. On February 4, 2016, the Kyiv Post disclosed the information. Interestingly, according to an email, Hunter began following Blinken on Twitter on the same day. How peculiarly fortuitous!

    In addition, emails from around this time period demonstrated an increase in communication with the Obama/Biden administration.

    The prosecutor was officially dismissed at the end of March.

    There are now more ties between Hunter and Joe’s world, as emails reveal a friendship between Hunter and Joe’s co-campaign chair, Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE). Fox News asserts that Hunter Biden served as Coons’ “outside adviser” and helped him raise funds for his 2010 Senate campaign through his network of local and out-of-state business partners. Joe Biden is well-known to Coons, a member of the judiciary and foreign relations committees. There are numerous communications between Coons staff and Hunter concerning their conversations and participation.

    Here is an example of a conversation with Tracy Buckman, the campaign finance director for the Coons:

    “We are getting as many pledges as possible for those who can write and raise at the $10,000 and $4,800 level,” Buckman wrote. “But, of course, support is welcome at any level listed on the invitation. Hunter, you mentioned that you might be able to get this out to your list of Chicago folks. That would be terrific. And, if there are any key names that you want to call, that is welcome. I think you mentioned that you would want to contact Michael Sachs, Mark Doyle and Donnie Sterano (so sorry if I am misspelling those names). Please feel free to call them.”

    On July 29, Doyle, a former senior counsel to then-Senator Joe Biden and national finance director for Biden’s unsuccessful 2008 presidential campaign, donated $500 to Coons.

    Fox News Digital reported previously that Doyle, who was a registered Serbian foreign agent months earlier, was coordinating the scheduling of an investment meeting with Serbia’s president and Serbian “high net worth individuals” in email exchanges with Hunter Biden and the Serbian Ambassador to the United States.

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    Hunter was even named in one email as a member of Coons’ “Delaware Advisory Group” in 2012. CONTINUE READING…

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