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    Mitt Romney Gives Republicans Urgent 2024 Warning About Trump

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    Mitt Romney, a Republican senator from Utah, is imploring his party to move on from Donald Trump, but he believes the former president will ultimately win the nomination.

    “I hope the jury of the American people reaches the same conclusion about Donald Trump. He just is not suited to be president of the United States and to be the person who we hold up to our children and the world as the leader of the free world,” Romney said.

    “At some point when the people who work with you, your cabinet secretaries, and juries conclude that you’ve done something severely wrong, it’s time for us to recognize that the great majority of those who’ve worked with him is right and he’s wrong,” he added.

    Romney recently stated that he believes Trump will become the party’s nominee once again in 2024.

    Romney told reporters in the U.S. Capitol, “I believe President Trump is by far the most probable candidate to become our nominee. If there is an alternative, it would only be plausible if it eventually comes down to a two-person race.”

    “There’s always a personal interest on the part of the campaign — particularly the campaign staff, and consultants, as well as the candidate — to stay in. And to say, ‘Hey, look, I came in second. So I’m the person that really ought to get the nomination four years from now,’” Romney noted further. “And so it really is up to the donors and other influential people that know the candidate, his family or her family, to say, ‘Hey, time to move on.’”

    Romney, who voted twice to impeach Trump, stated that he would oppose the former president during the nomination process: “I won’t be supporting President Trump.”

    A new poll conducted over the weekend revealed that Trump would win a potential rematch against President Joe Biden.

    According to the most recent Harvard-Harris poll, there has been a significant increase in support for Donald Trump, indicating that he may have a path to victory in 2020 if he secures the Republican nomination. The poll results indicate that despite numerous legal challenges, Trump continues to maintain a formidable presence, while also maintaining a substantial lead over his Democratic opponents.

    Trump’s 47 percent approval rating, which surpasses Biden’s 40 percent, gives him a 7-point lead over the vice president.

    The survey also evaluated hypothetical matchups between Trump and prominent Democrats. Trump, for example, received 50% of the vote, while Vice President Kamala Harris only received 39%.

    According to the results, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has not yet declared his candidacy but is expected to do so as early as this week, tied with Joe Biden at 42 percent, the same result as a potential DeSantis-Harris matchup.

    In the meantime, according to the survey, less than 33 percent of respondents believe that the country is moving in the correct direction, indicating a lack of confidence in Biden’s policies. In addition, an alarming 66 percent of respondents expressed concern about the direction of the U.S. economy, indicating that they believe it is headed in the wrong direction — a clear reflection of the perception that the current administration is incapable of managing the country’s financial well-being.

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    At the same time, half of respondents reported that their personal finances have worsened during the Biden presidency. And according to the poll, a mere 21 percent of respondents expressed confidence in avoiding a potential recession. CONTINUE READING…

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