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    Legal Expert Reveals Crucial Update In Georgia Election Case Involving Trump

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    A legal expert commented on the pending legal case against former President Donald Trump in Fulton County, Georgia, stating that this week’s action by the prosecutor indicates that indictments are imminent.

    On Thursday’s episode of the Bulwark Podcast, host Charlie Sykes spoke with legal expert and editor Benjamin Wittes about the numerous legal obstacles Trump faces.

    Wittes and Sykes investigated each of the pending legal cases against Trump. Ultimately, they zeroed in on Fani Willis, the Fulton County district attorney who recently convened a special grand jury to investigate allegations of Trump’s alleged attempts to influence Georgia’s election officials during the 2020 presidential election. According to Mediaite, Willis is also conducting an investigation into the so-called fake-electors scheme, which some believe was an attempt by Trump allies to overturn the election results in Georgia.

    Wittes noted that Willis had previously indicated in January that an indictment decision in the Trump case was “imminent,” and he added that a recent letter that did not receive adequate media attention but disclosed her hand revealed her hand.

    Wittes proposed three potential causes for the charging delay, contending first that there may be no actual delay: She is in the process of implementing it, which takes time.

    “Here’s some other things we know. We know that just as the special grand jury was finishing its work in December, the January 6th committee dumped 250 depositions into the public domain. And that came too late for the special grand jury to consider any of it,” Wittes continued, per Mediaite.

    He added:

    But if you’re the prosecutors who are going to bring cases based on the special grand jury work, you have a duty of due diligence to go through all 250, or at least the ones that could be relevant to your case, and ensure that the testimony is consistent with the testimony that many of the same witnesses gave to you, that there isn’t material that contradicts or that requires you to interview further witnesses.

    So a second possibility is that the 6th of January committee cast a wrench in their wheels with the manner in which it concluded its business.

    A third factor, which has become somewhat publicized, is that Fani Willis and some of the Georgia phony electors are evidently negotiating immunity agreements.

    And these discussions have been compounded by the fact that a large number of potential defendants in these cases are represented by the same attorneys who, you know, are closely aligned with Donald Trump. It is a situation very akin to the one involving Cassidy Hutchison in the January 6th Committee matter.

    And Fani Willis recently petitioned the court to disqualify one of these attorneys on the basis of a conflict of interest, as the attorney represented multiple clients whose interests were not necessarily aligned. So it’s also possible that it’s been delayed due to the fact that, you know, she believes that there are individuals who might want to offer information in exchange for immunity but are unable to do so due to their attorneys. Consequently, resolving this may require time.

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    Wittes then said: “I do think, however, that Fani Willis, in a way that didn’t get enough attention this week, kind of showed her hand, which is to say she wrote a letter to the court asking for a whole bunch of protective resources around the court, around her office, in the context of indictments that were going to come over the summer.” CONTINUE READING…

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