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    Lawyer Points Out Big Problem with Georgia Sheriff Wanting Trump’s Mugshot

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    Persecution cannot continue in the absence of petty dictators.

    Alina Habba, the attorney for former President Donald Trump, stated on Tuesday’s episode of “Fox and Friends” that Georgia officials appear overly ecstatic about Trump’s latest bogus indictment, which was handed down by a grand jury in Fulton County on Monday.

    In a press conference earlier this month, for example, the county’s Democratic sheriff, Pat Labat, sounded genuinely ecstatic and even cavalier when discussing security and procedure in the event of a Trump indictment, including the possibility of a mugshot for the former president.

    “Unless somebody tells me differently, we are following our normal practices, and so it doesn’t matter your status, we’ll have a mugshot ready for you,” Labat said, according to WSB-TV.

    Habba remarked that county officials appear to relish their authority excessively.

    “Obviously you see that there’s, you know, a bit of an ego trip happening in Georgia where they’re saying that they’re gonna force him to have a mugshot,” Habba told “Fox and Friends.”

    In fact, the typical legal justification for photographing a defendant does not apply to Trump.

    “The purpose of a mugshot is when you don’t recognize someone, [and] you think there’s a flight risk,” Habba said. “This man is the most famous person in the world, the leading candidate right now,” she added.

    Minor officials such as Labat and the Fulton County district attorney in charge of the indictment, Fani Willis, have facilitated some of the most grotesque dictatorships in history.

    There is no chance of exaggeration here. In cases of evident political persecution, we have no choice but to recall how these abhorrent regimes functioned.

    Nearly always, dictators have followed the formalities of the law.

    For example, they have constructed bogus tribunals presided over by eager collaborators. Spanish Inquisition immediately comes to mind. So does the Nazi German “People’s Court.”

    More on this story via The Western Journal:

    In such notorious tribunals, one might easily imagine judges and prosecutors cracking jokes over the dark proceedings. CONTINUE READING…

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