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    Lawyer in Lake Lawsuit Tells Judge There is Evidence of ‘Clear Misconduct and Intent’

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    A counsel for 2022 Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake presented oral arguments to Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson on Friday, one month after the state Supreme Court remanded the case to the lower court.

    According to the Arizona Sun-Times, Thompson is currently considering the Motions to Dismiss filed by the defendants and the exhaustive 263-page Motion for Relief from Judgment filed by Lake’s attorneys.

    This motion seeks to reinstate Lake’s second count regarding “illegal BOD printer/tabulator configurations,” which Thompson dismissed in December. However, the state’s highest court ordered him to reconsider signature verification issues.

    Kurt Olsen, an attorney for Lake, told Thompson that new evidence demonstrates “clear misconduct and intent.”

    He added: “This evidence supports our allegation that the election was rigged.”

    The Sun-Times also reported that Olsen argued the system log files and tabulator records were provided to Lake’s legal team only in the past few months, after the trial had already concluded.

    The publication added:

    Olsen stated that four new issues have arisen since the trial in December. First, he stated that the new evidence contradicts Maricopa County Elections Director Scott Jarrett’s testimony about problems with ballot printing. On Election Day, many ballots were misread by the tabulators because they were 19-inch ballots printed on 20-inch paper.

    Jarrett testified on the first day of the trial that this issue did not occur. On the second day of the trial, he testified that it had occurred and that the county was conducting an ongoing root-cause analysis. Jarrett asserted that it was determined that unauthorized county technicians altered the printer configurations on-site.

    But Olsen argued: “The new evidence shows this was absolutely false.”

    During the hearing, Olsen referenced cyber expert Clay Parikh’s declaration, which was included as an exhibit in Lake’s motion and contradicted the defendants’ claims.

    Olsen also mentioned a report that the county commissioned from former Arizona Supreme Court Justice Ruth McGregor that investigated the printing issue.

    According to the attorney for Lake, McGregor’s report indicated that some printers began misprinting during printer tests, and neither technical experts nor the report itself could provide a satisfactory explanation for this occurrence. Olsen hypothesized that the misprinting was caused by malware or remote access to the printers because it occurred with two distinct printer manufacturers.

    “Another false statement Olsen said Jarrett made was that the printing problem only happened in three vote centers since random checks showed it occurred at a minimum of four. Robert Gouveia, an Arizona attorney who has covered Lake’s election contest extensively, said during a live video analysis discussing the hearing, ‘Jarrett lied on the stand,’” the Sun-Times reported.

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    Olsen also argued that “new and compelling evidence” indicates that “Maricopa falsely certified it passed Logic and Accuracy testing, and afterward, secretly tested all 446 vote center tabulators on October 14th, 17th, and 18th, and knew that 260 of the vote center tabulators would fail on Election Day.” CONTINUE READING…

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