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    Lauren Boebert Takes DNA Test To Silence Leftist Critics

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    Rep. Lauren Boebert has many critics on the left, many of whom have made inappropriately personal assaults against her family and personal life.

    The Colorado firebrand, however, took matters into her own hands in regards to one of the most heinous falsehoods.

    According to The Daily Beast, a DNA test she underwent last month confirmed that a former professional wrestler is not her biological father.

    “I can confirm that Stan Lane is not my biological father,” she told the outlet in a statement. “I personally have never publicly claimed he was my father — but certainly, that allegation is out there.”

    The Daily Beast reported that Boebert’s biological mother, Shawn Roberts Bentz, had previously attempted to establish Lane’s paternity in court.

    Boebert was born as Lauren Opal Roberts in 1986, and after her birth, Lane “received notice that a woman I had a short affair with was accusing me of fathering her child,” according to the website

    Additionally, a court-ordered paternity test determined that Lane was not the father. “I was declared not to be the father, and the case was dismissed,” stated Lane in his statement.

    In addition, The Western Journal noted:

    However, Boebert’s mother subsequently requested a court investigation after learning that the deceased phlebotomist responsible for the test had been involved in other paternity-related misconduct. According to Lane’s statement, he and Boebert have agreed to resolve the issue for good in 2018.

    “In spite of the court verdict, the mother of the child – who turned out to be Congresswoman Lauren Boebert – her mother has continued to stick to her original claim,” Lane added. “I agreed to take another DNA Paternity test with Lauren Boebert in May 2023. I allowed Lauren to handle the chain of custody for the samples to alleviate any doubt with the results.

    “The results came back on May 11, 2023. They were conclusive that I had a 0.0% chance of being the biological father. Once we both reviewed the results Lauren and I agreed that this matter is settled, and I accepted Lauren’s apology on behalf of herself and her mother,” he noted further.

    Boebert also told The Daily Beast that Lane had been unjustly shamed for not living up to his responsibilities as her father.

    “He has been attacked unjustly, and he does not deserve it,” she said with ironic humor. “Who’s Is Your Daddy” by Toby Keith strikes a little differently now, she said.

    In March, Boebert received a surprise that she probably wasn’t expecting, and it will forever alter her life.

    She will become a grandmother at the age of 36, she announced in an announcement. According to the Western Journal, the Colorado Republican delivered the bombshell while speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference Women’s Breakfast on Saturday in Maryland.

    In a Twitter post, Moms for America lauded the Colorado Republican for her “incredible position in empowering moms, promoting liberty, and raising patriots.”

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    “I’m a mom of four boys,” Boebert said during her speech. “And I’ve said many times, [husband] Jayson and I, we are raising our four boys to be men before liberals teach them to be women.” CONTINUE READING…

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