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    Latest Hunter bombshell: Here’s the kind of access his partners had to VP Joe Biden

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    Joe Biden’s history as a blatant liar transcends even today’s deplorable lying standards in Washington. Joe could make the “Old Masters” appear like amateurs in the world of deceit.

    The president’s repeated assertion that he did not discuss his overseas business dealings with Hunter, much less with his partners, is contradicted by evidence that has grown exponentially over time and is indisputable. However, Biden continues to propagate this egregious falsehood. Nobody with a reasonable amount of intelligence believes him.

    A recent Fox News investigation revealed that Hunter’s alleged influence-peddling associates visited the White House more than eighty times while his father was vice president. It is believed that a senior executive of the son’s now-defunct investment firm made at least 17 visits. Another partner had 27 scheduled appointments.

    “Biden’s persistent claim that he had no knowledge of his son’s foreign dealings and never spoke with him about it defies logic and common sense. Even Hunter disputes it, admitting to The New Yorker that he talked with his father about his lucrative venture in Ukraine that netted some $11 million. An audiotape surfaced in which Joe Biden is heard discussing a pending news article about Hunter’s suspicious Chinese deals and informing his son, “I think you’re clear,” Fox News reported.

    Emails that have been authenticated confirm that Joe Biden met and dined with many of Hunter’s foreign investors and business partners. It is supported by photographs and messages thanking Hunter for facilitating meetings with his father. Together, they flew Air Force Two to China, where Joe met with his son’s business associates. A few days later, Hunter solidified a profitable partnership with the Beijing investment firm BHR Partners.

    A trove of incriminating evidence discovered on Hunter’s abandoned laptop suggests that both Bidens stood to profit handsomely from a secret deal with China’s largest energy company, CEFC, which had connections to the Communist Party’s intelligence apparatus. One smoking-gun message identifies payments of “20 for H” and “10 held by H for the big guy” It was crucial to conceal Joe’s collaboration, as evidenced by the fact that he was given code names such as “the big guy” and “Celtic” in internal memoranda.

    The erstwhile partner of Hunter, Tony Bobulinski, stated that Joe Biden was the “big guy.” Bobulinski claims he met with Joe Biden to discuss the “family” initiative that resulted in billions of dollars in Chinese contracts. However, a warning was issued: “Do not mention Joe’s involvement unless you are face-to-face; I know you are aware of this, but they are paranoid.”

    In a damning indictment of corruption on the part of the former vice president, a Senate report details a number of schemes by Biden to enrich himself. The 87 pages contain astounding information about Ukraine, China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Romania, and Oman, among others.

    “It is no coincidence that Hunter’s illicit schemes revolve around countries where his father was in charge of U.S. foreign policy directives during his eight years in the Obama administration. It appears obvious that those overseas entities thought they were buying access to the vice president for future influence and protection. Since Hunter’s only marketable skill was being the scion of a top U.S. government official, he monetized his father’s power,” Fox continued.

    Hunter was without a doubt skilled at accumulating foreign currency by exploiting his genetics for financial benefit. This is the type of exploitative scheme perpetrated by con artists. They are impertinent and demanding. Additionally, they excel at falsehoods and cover-ups. It is an acquired trait. According to an old proverb, “Like father, like son.”

    The intertwining of Biden’s finances with those of foreign adversaries raises severe security, counterintelligence, and extortion concerns for our current president. Are the defense and economic interests of our nation at risk? It appears so. Specifically for this reason, Republican-led congressional committees are now investigating topics that Democrats declined to investigate.

    Biden’s financial involvement in the affairs of foreign adversaries raises grave national security, counterintelligence, and extortion concerns.

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    The Republic Brief:

    Following the money can reveal the cover-up and corruption alleged. One way to start is to examine the 150 suspicious activity reports (SARs) flagged by banks to the criminal division at the Treasury Department. As an example, the efforts of the Bidens to hide roughly $31 million in Chinese cash are likely to be instrumental in piercing the veil of secrecy. CONTINUE READING…

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