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    Laptop Emails Reveal Hunter Biden’s Closeness With Dad’s New Campaign Manager

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    Hunter Biden served as an external consultant to Democratic Delaware Senator Chris Coons, who was recently appointed President Biden’s campaign co-chair. According to a Thursday report, Hunter Biden played a crucial role in aiding Coons’ fundraising efforts during his successful 2010 Senate campaign by leveraging his network of business associates within and outside the state.

    Coons is a member of both the Foreign Relations and Judiciary Committees and has been a significant global envoy for many years, according to a recent report from Politico. He also “has no problem telling reporters or anyone who will listen that he has the president’s ear.”

    Prior to his 2010 victory, Coons had close ties to Hunter Biden and Eric Schwerin, who was the president of the defunct investment fund Rosemont Seneca Partners, in which Hunter was also involved. Fox News Digital noted that both remained in regular contact with Coons and his campaign finance director Tracey Buckman and were instrumental in his fundraising efforts.

    Coons met with Hunter and Schwerin in June 2010, shortly before Hunter began hosting fundraising events for the future senator, according to emails recovered from the abandoned laptop, which were verified by the news outlet. Coons thanked Hunter via email for their encounter earlier that week on June 26, 2010.

    “Thank you for your encouragement and strong offers of support in our meeting Thursday,” Coons wrote. “I’m grateful for your help!”

    Two days later, Coons also sent an email to Schwerin with the subject line, “Great meeting with you.”

    “Thank you for making the time to meet with me last week, and for your concrete offers of help,” Coons said. “I look forward to working together!”

    Fox News Digital added: “It is not clear whether Coons met with Hunter and Schwerin together or separately.”

    “Thank you, again, for taking the time to meet with Chris Coons and me in DC!” Buckman wrote. “We appreciate all of the support, and interest in ways that you can help Chris win this Senate race.”

    Buckman mentioned a forthcoming luncheon in Chicago that would be hosted by Illinois Democrat Senator Dick Durbin. During their conversation, Hunter Biden mentioned that he could solicit campaign contributions from his Chicago network. Buckman named Mark Doyle as one of the names Hunter had mentioned.

    “We are getting as many pledges as possible for those who can write and raise at the $10,000 and $4,800 level,” Buckman wrote. “But, of course, support is welcome at any level listed on the invitation. Hunter, you mentioned that you might be able to get this out to your list of Chicago folks. That would be terrific.

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    “And, if there are any key names that you want to call, that is welcome. I think you mentioned that you would want to contact Michael Sachs, Mark Doyle and Donnie Sterano (so sorry if I am misspelling those names). Please feel free to call them,” Buckman noted further. CONTINUE READING…

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