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    Kayleigh Receives Huge News While Proclaiming Goodness Of God

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    Popular host Kayleigh McEnany has positive news to deliver as Fox News deals with the fallout from “parting ways” with top-rated anchor Tucker Carlson.

    McEnany, the former press secretary for the Trump administration who now works for Fox News, published her new book this week, and as of Thursday, it is ranked first on Amazon’s list of political commentary and opinion books.

    In the book’s introduction, McEnany wrote that her purpose was defined by the “dark times around her,” noting a “dangerous tectonic eruption in the American conscience that is upending us from the inside out, making our country virtually unrecognizable. At the center of this cultural shift is the eradication of God from American society.”

    “It is safe to say that America is not just enduring a storm but a raging hurricane. Society has rejected truth and common sense and opted instead for moral relativism,” she wrote. “But as dim as the future may seem and as hopeless as it may feel, I am here to bring you a message of hope and optimism. While we are up against formidable foes and much adversity, our God is greater.”

    “As you flip through the pages of this book, it may be tempting to focus on the many troubles our country faces. These are rocky, tumultuous, uncertain times indeed. As Christians, though, we have cause for hope, even amid despair. Why? Because, as Pastor Rick Warren aptly observed, our all-powerful ‘God has already written the end of the story,” McEnany wrote.

    Christianity is not the narrative of the masses, but the mass story of individuals, McEnany’s book explains.

    “Beyond all of the science, history, philosophy, and prophesy available—and there is much of it—the encounters of men and women with the risen savior are astounding,” she wrote. “The story of Christianity is the story of broken marriages healed, drug addicts fully recovered, hardened hearts softened, the most violent of prisoners completely reformed, and life-transforming rehabilitation beyond anything that psychology or self-help could offer.”

    “Peter’s actions demonstrated a remarkable level of faith, stepping onto the roaring waters on the verge of consuming his vessel. But his faith only lasted a moment because he took his eyes away from Christ and looked instead to the thrashing waves. In that moment, Peter looked at the storm, not the savior. And that is only human,” she wrote.

    “As an innate worrier, I find myself doing just the same. We all tend to focus on and sometimes get lost in the storms of life. Indeed, sometimes the storm may be more like an all-consuming, life-threatening hurricane that we cannot escape,” she added in the book.

    “But rest assured that we find the answers to the treacherous waters in life and the unexplainable weather patterns that can ravage us in the person of Christ Jesus. Whatever you may be going through—marital turmoil, loneliness, depression, heartbreaking loss—know that there is someone who will heal your wounds and mend your broken heart,” McEnany wrote, adding, “Only here—only in Him—will you find serenity in the storm.”

    McEnany also discusses the challenges and difficulties she encountered while attempting to conceive her second child, Nash, who was born in November.

    In contrast, her pregnancy with Blake, who is now three years old, occurred “rather quickly” with her husband Sean Gilmartin.

    The couple made the difficult decision to expand their family in the summer of 2021, as revealed by the Fox News presenter.

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    “Several months passed, and negative pregnancy tests were ample. As spring of 2022 approached, part of me began to worry. Why wasn’t I getting pregnant? I attempted to overcome worry by leaning on faith,” she wrote. CONTINUE READING…

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