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    Karine Jean-Pierre Stumbles On Her Words As She Explains Biden’s Fall

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    The spokesperson for the White House, Karine Jean-Pierre may have the most difficult position in the entire United States, and it is becoming increasingly difficult.

    This week, she was required to explain to the White House Press Corps why her elderly employer, President Joe Biden, had fallen again.

    “So, the President had the fall yesterday. The White House has said that he’s fine. Was he checked out by a doctor? What was that examination like? What was the result of that?” a reporter said to the press secretary during her briefing on Friday.

    “So, just want to just remind everybody what the President was in Colorado Springs for yesterday. He was there to — to offer his thanks to the dedicated brave women and — men and women who were graduating and about to serve in the Air Force. And he was proud — very proud to shake the hands of more than 900 of them beforehand,” she said as she began to do her best to convince the press that everything was normal.

    “So, I just want to make sure that we are aware: As Commander-in-Chief, that is why he was there. And he was incredibly proud to do so.

    “And just to — just, you know, make sure we clear the record here: He tripped over a bag — a sandbag on the stage and — briefly; he tripped and got up. And he — he got — got right back up and continued — continued what he was there to do,” she said as she continued to stumble on her words.

    “He did not — he — there was no need for the doctor to see him, as it was related to the fall. And he’s doing fine,” the press secretary said.

    “You saw — most of — some of you saw him last night when he returned, getting off Marine One on the South Lawn. He spoke to this. So, I would refer you back to his comments. And so, I’ll just leave it there,” she said.

    In addition to his collapsing, however, his mental acuity is also questioned by many.

    President Joe Biden was criticized online for failing to acknowledge the proper number of granddaughters he has, with some critics suggesting he did so intentionally.

    Friday, while hosting the national champion women’s basketball team from Louisiana State University at the White House, Vice President Joe Biden praised the team’s victory and “women’s sports” in general, despite the fact that the majority of Democrats support permitting biological men to compete in all-female events.

    “The way in which women’s sports has come along is just incredible. And you’re changing, uh, it’s not just in sports, it’s across the board in every single thing,” Biden said in addressing the team.

    “It’s really neat to see since I’ve got four granddaughters,” he added.

    In fact, Biden has five granddaughters; his eldest son Hunter fathered a child outside of marriage during a brief relationship with a former Washington, D.C.-area prostitute, who has since sued him for financial support for the now-four-year-old girl, whose paternity he initially denied.

    A laboratory test has verified that Hunter Biden is the father of the child. In January, he petitioned a judge to prohibit his granddaughter from using his last name.

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    The request was filed with the court on Jan. 6, according to reports, just a few weeks after the mother, Lunden Roberts, filed a petition to change the surname of the child, who currently goes by Navy Joan Roberts. CONTINUE READING…

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