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    Karine Jean-Pierre Scrambles After Doocy Points Out Something Odd About White House Guest List

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    President Joe Biden has no time for the families of the Nashville shooting victims.

    The president of the United States welcomes a visit from the Tennessee Democrats who conducted a boisterous protest in the capitol of the Volunteer State and has publicly extended an invitation to a man who was shot in Missouri.

    But the families of the innocent children and adults who were murdered less than three weeks ago at a Christian school are not on his agenda, and the reasons are painfully evident.

    Biden only pays heed to the deaths of Americans if they serve the progressive program.

    This became evident on Wednesday, when White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre announced at the beginning of the daily news briefing, according to a transcript, that Biden “looks forward to welcoming Tennessee State Representative Justin Jones, Justin Pearson, and Gloria Johnson to the White House this coming Monday.”

    Jones, Pearson, and Johnson are the Democrats who helped instigate an incursion in the Tennessee House of Representatives on March 30 demanding more gun control laws in response to the transgender woman’s assault on a private Christian school on March 27.

    Two of the three were expelled from the House for their conduct, but were reinstated by their local county commissioners, who had the authority to select interim replacements.

    Peter Doocy, a Fox News White House correspondent, noted that Vice President Biden was hosting the Tennessee Democrats and asked Jean-Pierre if he had similar arrangements for the families of those who died at the school.

    Observe the exchange here:

    “Have any of the victims or the victims’ families been invited to the White House?” Doocy asked.

    “I don’t have anything to read out to you about any invite,” Jean-Pierre responded.


    “I just don’t have anything at this time to read out to you — any invite.”

    Possibly aware of how odd it sounded that the White House would neglect to host actual families who lost loved ones, while throwing its doors wide to politicians who used the deaths for their own publicity, Jean-Pierre then launched into a boilerplate rendition of Biden’s anti-gun stance — “conversation” blah blah blah, “weapons of war,” blah blah blah, “assault weapons,” blah blah blah, “Republicans” blah blah blah…

    It was a feeble attempt to defend an indisputable fact: the president of the United States has no use for anyone who does not support the Democratic agenda, not even the families of murdered children.

    Jean-Pierre avoided mentioning it, but social media users received the message loud and clear.

    Obviously, the most significant aspect is that The Covenant School is Christian and that five of the six homicide victims were white. As obscene as it sounds, the racially obsessed Biden White House clearly sees no political benefit in the president consoling white Christians whose loved ones were murdered by a sexually confused killer. White Christians are not precisely a Democratic demographic.

    It does, however, have ample time for Democratic lawmakers who (almost literally) use the corpses of murdered children as political props.

    More on this story via The Western Journal:

    Just to underscore the point, the Monday White House visit comes after Vice President Kamala Harris met with the three Democrats during an April 7 visit to Tennessee — where she also failed to meet with the victims’ families, as the New York Post reported. CONTINUE READING…

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