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    Kari Lake Says She Would ‘Blow Away’ Field In Arizona Senate Contest

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    It appears that erstwhile Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is considering a run for her state’s senate seat.

    She spoke to former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon on his show, “Bannon’s War Room” where she was still speaking about the election for governor in which she was defeated by Arizona Democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs and her ongoing court cases,” Mediaite reported.

    “I want everybody out there in the War Room posse to know we are still in this fight,” she said.

    “We’re waiting right now for the Arizona Supreme Court to rule on a part of our case dealing with those 35,000 plus ballots that came outta nowhere, were kind of injected into the system, no chain of custody, and we’re waiting any minute, any day they could rule on that aspect of the case,” she said.

    However, she has been repeatedly defeated in court, and no evidence has been presented to prove that the 2020 Arizona election was marred by irregularities that would have altered the winner.

    “I know the fake news is trying to act like it’s over. It is not, and I’m willing to take it even further to the U.S. Supreme Court,” she said before moving on to the Senate contest.

    “I know people are talking about the United States Senate seat that’s up this go around and people are putting my name in and the polls show that I would blow away the whole field. That is something that is not my focus, my focus is our court case,” she said.

    “That being said, God forbid if our judicial system is just so far gone that we can’t win this in the courts, she said … “I would consider taking another role and another shot at that position that is available to represent the people of Arizona because they’re not being represented right now by Kyrsten Sinema.”

    Lake reportedly continues to consider a bid for the U.S. Senate, despite losing her 2022 race against Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs, according to news reports from this week.

    “Lake is 28 points ahead of all other possible candidates in a hypothetical 2024 GOP Senate primary poll for her state,” Just the News reported.

    According to a survey conducted by JL Partners on April 10-12, 38% of registered Republicans and undeclared voters in Arizona said they would vote for Lake, even though she has not yet declared her candidacy for Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s (D-Arizona) seat.

    Karrin Taylor Robson, who lost the GOP gubernatorial primary to Lake last year, received ten percent of the vote. Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb has eight percent of the vote, followed by 2022 Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters with seven percent and 2022 Arizona Attorney General candidate Abraham Hamadeh with four percent.

    “No Arizona Republicans have entered the 2024 Senate primary, but Lake, Masters, and Hamadeh were all endorsed by former President Donald Trump last year in their respective primaries,” Just the News added.

    Lake forewarned her supporters earlier this week that those who oppose her politically, particularly her legal battle alleging voter disenfranchisement by Maricopa County in the last election, are angling to take legal action against her.

    In a brief fundraising letter, Lake asserted, “The establishment wants to ARREST ME for” exposing what she claims is election fraud in her state.

    Last month, she made a similar statement in a tweet that included online news headlines indicating she could be indicted.

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    “They want to ARREST me for exposing fraud in the 2022 Election. Now, the AZ Supreme Court has ruled that the very fraud I highlighted has to be looked at. This is big, folks. Hit me with your best shot. I will never, ever back down. Try me,” she tweeted. CONTINUE READING…

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