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    Julie Kelly: The DOJ Is Going to Indict Trump – May Put Him in Prison Until His Trial (VIDEO)

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    Julie Kelly, an investigative reporter, accompanied Jesse Kelly on his podcast this past weekend. Julie Kelly described the implications of the recently concluded Proud Boys trial during their conversation.

    On Friday, the kangaroo court in Washington, DC found all five members of the Proud Boys guilty. Four members were found guilty of the baseless charge of “seditious conspiracy.”

    The jury agreed that the government proved the existence of seditious conspiracy (a complete joke).
    Proud Boy Ethan Nordean – guilty of seditious conspiracy
    Proud Boy Joe Biggs – guilty of seditious conspiracy
    Proud Boy Zachary Rehl – guilty seditious conspiracy
    Proud Boy founder Enrique Tarrio – guilty of seditious conspiracy
    Proud Boy Dominic Pezzola – spared seditious conspiracy because leftist jurors could not come to agreement

    The FBI embedded evidence in the group chat of the Proud Boys. The kangaroo court disregarded this reality.

    Julie Kelly told Jesse Kelly this is the next step in their plan to get President Trump.

    Jesse Kelly: Julie, give it to us right between the eyes. They wouldn’t actually put Donald Trump in prison, right? A former president, you don’t think they’ll go that far, right?

    Julie Kelly: I absolutely do. And I’ll go even deeper between the eyes, Jesse, when he is indicted for if he’s indicted, of suspicious conspiracy, which I think the chances of that just increase tremendously. Today, I can see Jack Smith seeking pretrial detention for Donald Trump, which is exactly what they’ve done in every defendant who’s been charged with seditious conspiracy. So now they have a precedent for these courts to sign off on pretrial detention orders, meaning denied bail. You will be held in prison until your trial commences. I’ve watched these judges and prosecutors more than anyone on this side, but nothing will surprise me. And in fact, I’m sure they’re just chomping at the bit right now, waiting to present this information to the grand jury, seeking seditious, conspiracy, indictment, and then, shockingly, seeking to keep Donald Trump in jail, particularly as he is campaigning for President, pretending that he poses a grave security risk to the American people as he’s campaigning and facing these very serious charges.

    More on this story via The Gateway Pundit:

    Jesse Kelly: Truly, this country is going to come apart if that happens, right? Or am I overstating it? CONTINUE READING…

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