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    Judges Hit Back On ‘Scandal’ Involving Justice Clarence Thomas

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    Attempts by Democrats to fabricate another scandal involving Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas have just backfired, as two appeals court judges have poured cold water on the allegations.

    Third Circuit Appellate Court Judge Thomas Hardiman dismissed the term “scandal” and stated that he did not believe Justice Thomas committed any errors.

    During an event at Princeton University, Judge Hardiman and Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge James Ho responded to Justice Thomas-related queries.

    “The thing that I thought was weird about the Justice Thomas thing is the ‘scandal,’ to use your word, there was no intimation at any time, ever, that his billionaire friend ever had any business before the Supreme Court. So, how’s he helping his friend? He’s not even in a position to help his friend because his friend had exactly zero cases in the Supreme Court,” Judge Hardiman said, responding to a student’s question.

    “You know, I decide cases involving lawyers in Pittsburgh. And I know these lawyers, some of them are former law partners of mine. I belong to organizations with them, I go to lunch with them. Should I not hear their cases? If you have such suspicion about our integrity, you could really end up in a situation where judges can’t even do their jobs because at some point you’re attached to everybody,” he said.

    The “billionaire friend” referred to is Harlan Crow, who gave luxury gifts to Justice Thomas, as reported by the left-leaning publication ProPublica.

    “I’ve had my former law clerks stand up in court and argue cases. And I don’t think they’ve ever won a case,” the judge said. “And it’s not because they’re not brilliant lawyers. They are. But usually, they’re doing pro bono immigration cases, and sadly, for the immigrants, those cases can be very difficult to win.”

    “If someone wanted to make me look bad and I happened to rule in favor of a client in an immigration case that was argued by my former law clerk, oh, there would be a big exposé, ‘oh, Hardiman chose partiality to his law clerk,’” he said.

    “I think that’s a great answer,” Judge Ho responded, who is a former clerk for Justice Thomas at the Supreme Court, said. He said there was a difference between “an actual instance of corruption” and “the mere perception” of it.

    “I think the appearance issue is absolutely important” because “the judiciary basically rests on its credibility” and therefore “it is absolutely vital to what we do that people believe in what we do,” the judge said.

    “The judiciary, like any human institution, isn’t perfect, because none of us are perfect,” he said.

    In addition, an acquaintance of Justice Thomas stated that there is abundant evidence disproving allegations that he routinely violated ethics regulations.

    Fox News reported that Mark Paoletta, a staunch defender of Thomas, has defended him amid scrutiny from Senate Democrats regarding possible violations of court ethics laws related to those travels.

    Paoletta asserted on Twitter that Thomas has consistently complied with governing ethics regulations, emphasizing the existence of a paper trace to substantiate his claims.

    “After complaints filed in Jan 2011 on Thomas not disclosing wife’s salary, which was inadvertent, there were complaints submitted based on June 2011 NYT [New York Times] story on Thomas traveling on Harlan Crow plane & boat & staying at Crow’s summer home, Topridge,” continued Paoletta.

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    “In September 29, 2011 letter signed by Rep. Slaughter and 20 Members to Judicial Conference, Members cited [a New York Times] story that Justice Thomas had violated the law by not disclosing his trips on Crow’s plane and boat on his forms,” Paoletta wrote. CONTINUE READING…

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