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    Judge Blasts Hunter Biden For Concealing Income In Child Support Battle

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    During a court-ordered appearance on Monday, an Arkansas state judge accused first son Hunter Biden of attempting to conceal his income in a child support case involving a daughter he fathered with a former adult entertainer he met in the Washington, D.C. area.

    “Judge Holly Meyer rebuked the 53-year-old’s legal team during the two-hour proceedings, saying they wrongly concealed details of filings that had already been submitted to the court as part of the ongoing legal saga,” the New York Post reported.

    “The ability to redact is somewhat being abused,” Meyer told Biden’s lawyers before she ordered them to refile some related documents.

    The Post observed that it was unclear what financial information was contained in the required filing.

    Biden requested a reduction in his monthly child support payments for his 4-year-old daughter with former prostitute Lunden Roberts. The Post reported that Biden was asked to provide financial documentation as part of the case after he reopened his paternity case in September 2020 in an effort to reduce his $20,000 monthly payment.

    Biden claimed he had experienced a “substantial material change” in his income, despite never having met his daughter with ex-stripper Lunden Roberts. Roberts’ attorney, Clinton Lancaster, claimed that Hunter had provided “incomplete answers” to written inquiries about his investments, art sales, and other financial transactions. In response, Judge Meyer ordered Hunter to submit additional written responses. According to the news source, Lancaster argued that Hunter had not disclosed who had purchased his artwork or the estimated values of the pieces.

    Biden’s attorneys responded to Lunden Roberts’ claims of incomplete answers by stating that the first son did not know the identities of the purchasers of his artwork in order to prevent their influence on his father’s administration.

    “He will not know. Someone else may know,” one of Biden’s attorneys told the judge.

    Meyer then informed Lancaster that she could “issue a subpoena” to force the gallery to reveal the names of buyers and prices they paid for Hunter’s art, adding: “It’s a little incredible that there is no estimate of valuations.”

    Meyer ordered Biden and Roberts to appear for a deposition and answer questions under oath in mid-June.

    Roberts filed a paternity complaint against Hunter in 2019, after Hunter initially denied fathering their daughter during their brief relationship. Hunter began paying $20,000 per month in child support after a DNA test confirmed that Navy Joan was indeed his daughter. According to his attorneys, this totals $750,000.

    Roberts had accused Hunter of concealing evidence and requested that he be held in contempt until he complied.

    “When the first son asked the court in September to reduce his monthly payments, it allowed Roberts to reopen the discovery process and demand the financial records,” The Post reported. “The judge had already ruled that any financial records Hunter submits to the court would be shielded from the public view.”

    In the meantime, Roberts’ attorneys refuted Hunter’s claims of financial hardship, stating in court documents that Hunter leads a lavish lifestyle.

    “He travels the world on the safest and most comfortable airplane in existence — Air Force One,” Lancaster wrote. “He also has some of the most expensive attorneys on planet Earth.”

    Last week, Meyer ordered Hunter to appear.

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    The order came “despite his attorneys’ effort to keep him out of the courtroom for a contempt hearing in a child support and paternity case,” Newsweek reported on Saturday. CONTINUE READING…

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