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    John Fetterman Unrecognizable After Losing A Bet

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    Is the individual in issue a United States senator from the state of Pennsylvania or a fictitious, internationally renowned drug lord from New Mexico?

    Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania is introducing an atypical appearance that has attracted a great deal of attention from fans of the popular television series “Breaking Bad.”

    The Democratic individual revealed his newly grown mustache via a self-portrait posted to Twitter on Saturday.

    “Lost a bet with Karl,” Fetterman said, in reference to his son.

    The exact nature of the wager between the father and the son remains unclear.

    Numerous individuals immediately drew comparisons between Fetterman and Walter White, the protagonist of the television series “Breaking Bad.”

    The analogies extended beyond Fetterman’s detractors. One Twitter user who identifies as a progressive Democrat drew a comparison between Fetterman and a chemistry teacher, which was White’s occupation prior to his involvement in illicit activity.

    One Twitter user described Fetterman’s new look as a darker interpretation of the former chemistry teacher-turned-illicit drug manufacturer.

    A few days prior, in a family self-portrait, Fetterman displayed a full facial hair growth.

    The previous lieutenant governor and former mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania, sported a goatee, a facial ornamentation associated with the fictional character Walter White. However, it has been a substantial amount of time since he last appeared in public with a full head of hair.

    Similar to White, who is afflicted with cancer, Fetterman has experienced persistent health issues during his first year as a senator.

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    In February, Fetterman was admitted to a hospital for the purpose of receiving therapy for depression. CONTINUE READING…

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