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    IRS Has Purchased $10 Million Worth of Guns, Ammunition

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    Americans are becoming accustomed to a massive, overly funded, and hostile federal government, and now a report reveals that the ‘anti-gun’ crowd on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC is giving the American people a new reason to be concerned: the federal government is also well armed and has a substantial supply of ammunition.

    In addition to everything else oppressive emanating from Washington, D.C., we are now confronted with an increasingly menacing IRS.

    While the federal government plots to eliminate our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, a watchdog report reveals that they are arming their money-grabbing, tax-collecting arm, the Internal Revenue Service.

    Those Americans who are paying heed are concerned about the IRS’s arsenal size:

    In an effort to militarize the agency, the Internal Revenue Service has spent $10 million on firearms, ammunition, and other tactical equipment since 2020, according to an report published in April, the Blaze reported this week, adding:

    “The report revealed that the IRS and 102 other agencies outside the Department of Defense invested a combined total of $3.7 billion since 2006 – adjusted for inflation – on weapons, ammunition, and military-style equipment. stated that 76 of the 102 are rank-and-file regulatory agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, Social Security Administration, Veterans Affairs, and Health and Human Services.”

    This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, given that radical Democrat Barack Obama, who is said to have a strong influence on Democrat Vice President Joe Biden, has in the past extensively weaponized the IRS against conservatives.

    Americans recognize the connection between Biden and Obama and speculate that the power grabs of 2023 will resemble Obama’s past power grabs. It is impossible for individuals to not recognize the connection.

    This week was a prime example of Obama’s enduring legacy of using the IRS as a weapon, as he flaunted his social media prowess.

    On Wednesday, “World Press Freedom Day,” a video of Obama lecturing about “widespread disinformation” and the need for journalists to create “an information environment” to support democracy was posted on Twitter.

    Obama had previously recorded the video for a Columbia Journalism School conference on democracy conducted in late April. In the clip, he emphasized the significance of journalism in the fight for democracy, as well as methods to combat disinformation and encourage journalistic efforts to defend the truth.

    In sharing the video on Twitter, the Obama Foundation wrote, “This World Press Freedom Day, take a look at @BarackObama’s remarks at the @ColumbiaJourn Faultlines: Democracy conference, and why the free press is vital for democracy to survive and thrive.”

    Others interpreted Obama’s remarks as a reminder of his influence over Biden and the IRS:

    Here are some details from the Watchdog report about what the federal government is doing and why people are justified in being distrustful, especially with Obama in the background:

    “There are now more federal agents with arrest and firearm authority (200,000) than U.S. Marines (186,000),” the watchdog group’s report noted.

    Since 2006, the Internal Revenue Service has spent $35,2 million on firearms, ammunition, and other tactical equipment for its special agents. Since the start of the COVID lockdowns, the agency has increased its weapon procurement by ten million dollars in 2020 and 2021.

    Since 2020, the IRS has spent $2.3 million on duty ammunition, $1.2 million on ballistic shields, $474,000 on Smith & Wesson rifles, $467,000 on tactical lighting, $463,000 on Baretta shotguns, $354,000 on tactical gear bags, $267,000 on ballistic helmets, and $233,000 on body armor vests, according to a report by

    Additionally, the agency spent $1,300,000 on unidentified purchases designated “various other equipment for criminal investigation agents.”

    The Internal Revenue Service already possessed 4,500 firearms, including shotguns, rifles, and submachine guns, and 5 million rounds of ammunition prior to the 2020 spending spree that considerably augmented its arsenal.

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, signed in August, provided the IRS with over $80 billion in additional funding, which the agency plans to use to hire more than 86,000 employees within the next decade. CONTINUE READING…

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