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    Huge New Name Emerges As Trump’s Top VP Pick – Shakes Up Campaign

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    Kristi Noem, the Republican governor of South Dakota, expressed her thoughts on the 2024 Republican field of candidates and whether she would accept an invitation to serve as former President Donald Trump’s running mate.

    In an interview with Fox News, Noem explained why she chose to withdraw from the contest, despite the fact that many had predicted she would do so, and added that the election is currently Trump’s to lose.

    “The fact is, none of them can win as long as Trump’s in the race. And that’s just the facts. So why run if you can’t win?” she told “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday.

    “I’ve probably run 10 statewide races. I’ve won them all. I’ve never lost. If I get into a race, I’m gonna win. So that’s just how we do it. And President Trump did some great things for our state and for our country. As governor — and everybody should be grateful for this — he let me do my job. When he was president, he let me do my job, and I appreciate that,” Noem added. “Biden doesn’t do that.”

    She joked that it seemed like “almost all of them” were running for the Republican presidential nomination, observing that several candidates are either current or former Republican governors.

    Noem proceeded to laud Trump, who maintains a significant lead over his rivals in the 2024 Republican primary, and he subtly alluded that he might endorse Trump during his planned trip to South Dakota in early September.

    When queried about a possible endorsement, Noem first addressed the anticipation building in her state in advance of his rally. She stated that all reservations for the event were sold out on the first day.

    “He is inspirational. People always show up to hear something interesting,” Noem said. “And yeah, you’ll hear something from me, too.”

    She refused to clarify whether she would serve as his vice president.

    “You know, he hasn’t asked me, so we’ll cross that bridge — we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. I don’t really answer hypotheticals,” she told the Fox program.

    “He’s going to need somebody that’s a good partner that’s willing to fix this country, and it’s not going to be pretty. So we’ve got a lot to do,” Noem added.

    Earlier reports indicate that Trump is inclined to choose a woman as his running mate. And Noem is one of the names mentioned in connection with this.

    Kari Lake, a candidate for governor of Arizona in 2022, is, so to speak, one of the more recent additions. According to sources, she frequently visits Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

    “Kari Lake is there all the time,” a source informed People magazine. “There’s a suite there that she practically lives in.”

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    A Lake representative, however, denied that the reports were true. CONTINUE READING…

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