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    How Low Can It Go? Biden Approval Rating Hits All-Time Low After Re-Election Launch

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    In a video posted online earlier this week, President Joe Biden formally declared his reelection bid with an affront to perhaps half the country, once again labeling them “MAGA Republicans” and describing them as extremists.

    In a matter of days, a new poll revealed that his approval rating has dropped to among the lowest levels of his term.

    The lowest approval rating for Biden’s job performance among U.S. adults since July 2022, when it was 38 percent, was 37 percent, according to a Gallup poll. Fox News Digital reported that 59 percent of adults expressed disapproval, a significant majority.

    According to the findings of Gallup, President Biden’s approval rating has remained in the low 40s for the past 19 months, after reaching a peak of 57 percent in January 2021. The most recent poll reveals that his average approval rating during the ninth quarter of his presidency is 39.7 percent, which is lower than former President Donald Trump’s average rating during the same time period, which was 41.6 percent.

    “When split by political party affiliation, 83% of Democrats, 31% of independents and 4% of Republicans said they approved of Biden’s job performance. Gallup noted that the 31% approval from independents ties his lowest score from the group, and is down nine percentage points from February,” the report continued.

    The poll implies a correlation between President Biden’s declining job approval rating and the American public’s increasingly negative view of the economy. The survey revealed that only 16 percent of respondents rated the economy as excellent or good, 37 percent characterized it as “only fair,” and 47 percent rated it as poor, an increase from the 43 percent who gave the same rating in March.

    “Just 19% say the economy is getting better, but 75% say it is getting worse,” Fox News Digital added, citing the survey’s results.

    The survey was administered on the day Biden declared his candidacy for a second term in the White House. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an environmental attorney, and Marianne Williamson, a self-help author, spiritual mentor, and 2020 presidential candidate, are Biden’s primary opponents.

    However, other surveys have shown that the majority of his own party members do not want him to run again.

    Two-thirds of respondents to a CNN poll conducted by SSRS during the month of March do not want Biden to run again. In addition, the survey suggests that Biden’s favorability rating may have decreased after the Democrats’ performance in the 2022 elections exceeded expectations. The Daily Wire reported that the poll was primarily conducted before the news of former President Donald Trump’s indictment, so it does not reflect any shifts in public opinion resulting from that event.

    At that time, Biden’s approval rating was 42%, while his disapproval rating was 57%. In January, he had a 45 percent approval rating and a 55 percent disapproval rating.

    The survey also revealed that his approval ratings are significantly lower among Americans who believe he should serve a second term. Only 32% of Americans believe he merits a second term in office, while 67% disagree. However, Biden’s numbers are slightly improved among registered voters, with 36% believing he deserves another term compared to 61% who disagree.

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    A majority of registered Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents also do not support Biden running for another term. The poll found that 44 percent of this group favored Biden as the Democratic Party’s nominee for the 2024 presidential election, while 54 percent said that someone else should be given the opportunity, the Daily Wire said, citing the survey’s results. CONTINUE READING…

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