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    House Democrat Horribly Injured and Hospitalized

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    On their way to a district engagement in Greensboro, North Carolina Democratic Representative Kathy Manning and a member of her staff were involved in a “serious car accident” on Thursday morning. According to her office, it was a three-car collision, and another driver was issued a citation.

    Manning and her assistant left the Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital in Greensboro on Thursday. On Friday, Manning’s office provided a detailed account of the congresswoman’s injuries and announced that she will continue working remotely while she recovers. Currently, the US House of Representatives is on August recess.

    CNN reported that Manning’s office announced on Friday that she is “recovering well at home” and will continue to work remotely as she recovers. Manning was released from the hospital with a fractured sternum and a fractured foot bone.

    “Many thanks to the first responders and the Cone Health team for their timely response and assistance,” her office added. “Rep. Manning is extremely grateful to the outstanding first responders and the extremely professional and kind staff at the Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital. She is very grateful for all the kind words, prayers, and well wishes she has received.”

    The State Highway Patrol reports that troopers arrived at the scene of the accident on US Highway 29 in Guilford County at approximately 10:15 a.m.

    A patrol report indicates that a northbound motorist making a left turn collided with the southbound vehicle carrying Manning. According to the police, the northbound vehicle collided with the third vehicle, which was halted at a red light.

    According to the patrol, the nearby 34-year-old driver of the northbound vehicle from Alamance County was cited for failing to yield.

    A Democrat of 66 years is serving her second term in the House.

    In the past week, a congressman has been hospitalized twice.

    A prominent Republican senator with facial paralysis was rushed to the hospital and will require weeks to recover.

    WBMA-LD reports that Alabama Senator Katie Britt, a Republican, became ailing over the weekend.

    “While with my family in Montgomery this past weekend, I experienced a sudden onset of numbness in my face. I was admitted to Baptist Medical Center South for evaluation. Doctors determined that my symptoms were a result of swelling of a facial nerve, most likely caused by a post-viral infection,” she said in a statement.

    “A specialist from UAB has subsequently evaluated me on an outpatient basis and concurred with the prognosis and course of treatment,” she said, referring to the University of Alabama at Birmingham. “My condition is not life-threatening, and recovery could take several weeks. I am grateful for the medical professionals providing excellent care, and my family and I are deeply grateful for your prayers.”

    In November, Britt, who had previously served as chief of staff to GOP Sen. Richard C. Shelby, became the first woman from Alabama to be elected to the Senate.

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    Britt, 41, is also the newest Republican senatorial candidate ever to be elected. CONTINUE READING…

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